A Look Into our Concept Art History

Since the inception of Shiryo we have always placed great emphasis on design, as an NFT card game the visual aspect is of utmost importance. Here you can see the stages of development for the card design and direction. 

This page is to demonstrate the development of our artwork as we progressed through a wide variety of iterations, into the beautiful card artwork we have today. The Shiryo team are incredibly proud of our visual designs and want to take you on a journey through our versions. 

Whilst some more traditional companies have spent years on their game, artwork and website prior to going public we understand that the DeFi space moves at a different pace, following our inception and team building we created the community and we couldn’t be more proud of everything our wonderful community has become today. 

The Website

On launch, our website was designed with efficiency in mind. It was a single page which utilised temporary concept art to convey our ideas. Despite its simplicity, our website was well received in comparison to many other projects in the space and we have seen other projects in the DeFi sphere pop up with very similar websites to our own. ‘Imitation is the greatest form of flattery’.

As of today, our new website is live which was designed to focus on user experience, gameplay optimisation and to highlight the benefits and features of the Shiryo token and the Shiryoverse.

Moving forwards, our website redesign will be utilised strategically in order to promote a variety of aspects of the Shiryoverse, including game updates, news and advertising funnels to ensure our marketing strategy remains effective. 

The Cards

Our initial concepts were enough to pique the interest of our community, but we wanted to deliver more for our community, we wanted to separate ourselves from other projects in the DeFi space who seem intent on only providing the bare minimum for their community. Our concepts were initially pixel art but we felt this was too basic for the vision we had for Shiryo.

After a few prototypes we eventually had our final card templates, designed by our in-house designers. 

The Artworks

Our earlier illustrations were done in-house.

At this point, we acquired a design studio to aid the team in bringing the vision for our cards to life. These cards would eventually become the final cards which would make up the Shiryo base and founders packs.

This task was no small feat, it required constant communication with our team of 20+ illustrators to ensure the art always reflected what we envisioned within the Shiryo lore.

As we have done from the beginning, we will continue to build on the Shiryo world with new and exciting artworks. It’s what we love to do, and we’re so excited to have you in the pack.

Much love to our community,
Shiryo Design Team