We are still working on our full interactive how to play.


Players can play against a bot who will utilise a skill level similar to them, or they can join a live lobby to be matched with an individual of a similar skill as them. Ranked matches and tournaments will also be accessible to players.


We are aware of a barrier to entry with blockchain based games in the form of costs, we have decided to implement a feature which will allow for users to play with 50 free cards. The cards are not going to be stored in your wallet but on the Dapp for any player to use prior to purchasing a full deck.


You and your opponent start with 40 health points and draw 3 cards each. A Coin is tossed to decide the first player to place a card (whoever is going 2nd gets an extra card drawn. You hold your cards in your hand, selecting which to play according to how much ‘energy’ you have. You can only see the cards in your hand, not your opponents. Cards can be placed in any order on the board (maximum of 7 in play at once). Each card has an attack score and health; some cards may have an element or ability too. At the end of your turn, your cards will attack, left to right, onto a random enemy card; If there are no enemy cards left, the hero’s health points will be attacked. When a hero’s health reaches 0, the opposing player has won.


You draw a card from the deck at the start of each turn. Cards with a glowing border indicate that they can be played. You may hold up to 10 cards in your hand, if you already hold 10, and try to draw another, it will be burnt.


On your Avatar, you will be able to see your remaining health points (starting at 40). If this reaches 0, the game is over and your opponent has won. You can also see how much health your opponent has remaining.


Each card will have an ‘Energy Score’ on it. Telling you how much energy it costs to play. At the start of the game you start with 3 energy points. They are spent as you play cards on your turn. Your energy is fully replenished at the start of each turn & you gain an additional energy point each turn, until you reach 10.


You can place your cards (beasts) in any order you wish, but once played, they cannot be moved on the board. When cards are played, they will take 1 turn to become ready to attack. Unless an ability states otherwise. Your board can hold a maximum of 7 beasts. On your beast you will see an attack score (how much damage it will do to an opposing beast or enemy), a health score (how much HP the beast has remaining until it is ‘dead’ and removed from the board) and any ability it may have. Once you end your turn, your beasts will attack (from left to right) a random beast of the opposing side.


Your deck contains a maximum of 40 cards. 30 of those are Beast and Spell cards, and the remaining 10 cards are Elements, which you will have pre-selected before the game and saved as one of your decks. If you have no cards left when it comes to your turn, a phase called Final Stand will start. From that point – You will have 3 turns to finish off your opponent, or you will lose.


When the match begins, a coin is tossed to decide who is going first. Whoever is 1st will draw 3 cards and be able to preview them, they then have the option to swap any card/s for another random card from their deck before confirming and taking them to their hand. Whoever is 2nd will draw 4 cards and also have the option to swap any card/s before confirming them to their hand.


At the start of your turn 1 more card is drawn into your hand. Some cards may have abilities that will draw you more cards during your turn.


To play a card, you will select a card that is glowing (meaning you have enough energy to play it), select which position on the board you would like to place it and click confirm. Cards will not attack on the same turn they are played, but will be active and ready to attack on the next round.


Once satisfied with your placements during your turn, you can click the ‘End Turn’ button. Your turn will also automatically end if inactive for 1m30s.


Once you end your turn, your beasts will attack the enemy beasts/avatar. Your beasts will attack, automatically, from left to right. The beast they attack is random, unless there is a Defender card, which has/have to be attacked before normal beasts are attacked. If there are no enemy beasts left on the board, the enemy avatar is attacked, the enemy avatar will not be attacked unless the opponent has no beasts on the board. When a beast is attacking, damage is dealt as well as received. Meaning your attack is damaging the enemy beasts HP and the enemies attack is damaging your own beasts HP.


Once a card has been ‘killed’ it is returned to the relevant players’ graveyard. Cards will remain here, unless a spell allowing for a resurrection has been played.


As a trading card game, the cards are arguably the most important aspect of the Shiryo eco system, the cards allow for players to participate in the Shiryo game! There’s a variety of different cards, beasts and spells all of which play a vital role in ensuring gameplay is fluid, fun and engaging. Packs can be minted via our proprietary dapp and The cards are NFT’s (non fungible tokens) and they live in a player’s wallet, players can burn multiple cards in the hope of receiving a more powerful card.

Beast Cards

These are the standard beast cards, they contain an attack score, health points and some possess an ‘ability’

Spell Cards

Spell cards can be played at any time during your turn and are immediately activated (they do not take up a space on your board and are burned immediately after use.

Element Cards

On the left of the screen are four ‘sockets’, each one represents a different element. When an element card is played it is added to the appropriate socket, not the board; one fire element card will add +one to your fire socket, one water element card will add + one to your water socket and so on.

Card Abilities

Last Howl  – the effect is activated when the beast dies.

Feed  damage dealt by a card to also restore that much Health to the controlling player’s avatar.

Hidden – an ability that prevents the beast from being the target of enemy attacks, spells, and effects until they attack. Hidden beasts can be affected by area of effect spells and abilities or those that have random targets, as well as spells and effects generated by their owner. Additionally, hidden beasts won’t attack until the controlling player decides so.

Defender  an ability that forces the opposing player to direct any melee attacks toward enemy targets with this ability. If there is more than one Defender on the board, Defenders will be attacked randomly.

Inner Fire – increase the attack of the beast by 1 at the end of each turn only. Available only for fire element beasts

PoisonPoisonous beasts give Poisoned status to every beast they deal damage to. Poisoned Beast receives 1 damage at the beginning of each turn of the controlling player.

ImmobilizeImmobilized beast can’t attack for one turn then the effect disappears.

Freeze A Beast or Spell with a Freeze effect will give a Frozen status to the target. Frozen Beasts can’t attack or deal damage when attacked until after the controlling players’ next attack phase.

Rapid attack – an ability allowing a beast to attack other beasts the same turn it is summoned or brought under a new player’s control

Growl – The effect takes place immediately after the beast is played from the hand.

Ongoing – as long as the beast is on the board the effect is active e.g “Your other beasts have +3 health”,

Element Cards – Your first element card will cost one energy, the second will cost two energy. This increases up to the maximum energy in the socket which is five. Some cards will have an elemental ability which will only be activated once the corresponding amount of element points have been accrued in the socket.

Card Renting

Do you have an amazing deck, but just don’t have the time to play? We’re implementing an exciting pack renting scheme which will allow users to put their packs up for rent, other players can play the game with them and you can split the profits straight down the middle!