Shiryo & Hearthstone — Revisiting our Roots

Shiryo & Hearthstone — Revisiting our Roots

Trading card games have been popular for decades. However, with the digital revolution, trading card games have evolved from physical cards to digital cards. Moreover, with blockchain technology, trading card games are becoming increasingly rewarding and lucrative for players. Using blockchain technology, players can earn NFTs and generate passive sources of income.

Hearthstone is possibly the most popular online trading card game, the father of all digital TCGs. Its rich lore revolving around the Warcraft universe, combined with its stunning graphics and strategic gameplay has captured the interest of trading card game enthusiasts worldwide.

Shiryo aims to create an inclusive ecosystem that incorporates the best of every project while solving any shortcomings these games might have. As a result, we have built upon the Heartstone model for our game.

Shiryo x Hearthstone

Shiryo and Hearthstone have a few key similarities, in addition to some major differences that set us apart. Let’s take a look at the similarities and comparisons between Shiryo and Hearthstone to help you understand our game mechanics better.

When it comes to similarities, Shiryo has built upon Hearthstone’s approach of assigning users with an avatar that holds the character’s health. As the user battles with their opponents using different cards, the health decreases when withstanding an attack. We also developed an energy system to dictate which cards can be played, and assigned some of these cards awesome abilities to complement combat.

Now, to create a more fun and challenging environment, we have assigned some prerequisite rules, such as the cards in Shiryo attack from left to right, while there is no set attack in Hearthstone. Moreover, every Shiryo card has an element that decides the nature and power of the attack. Unlike Hearthstone, Shiryo is classless and has the flexibility to allow players to use cards with more than one element while Hearthstone uses 10 different classes much like World of Warcraft. We also chose the Ethereum blockchain to enable card trading within our ecosystem. Finally, we have also implemented a Play-to-Earn strategy where users can generate secondary income streams.

We at Shiryo are building an immersive P2E trading card game developed in the Shiryoverse to allow our users to hold their cards as NFTs. We present an exciting amalgam of GameFi, NFTs, and Metaverse in a single ecosystem. We believe in sticking to our roots and learning from the best. We are a development-forward project and will continue to add more exciting features as we grow, so make sure to stay tuned!

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