Weekly Shiryo Update from the Lead Game Dev#5

AWS deployment

Hey community, Rick (Lead Game Dev) here to share with you all some more progress updates.

As we continue to make great strides through the development process, one of the unavoidable consequences is the vast number of lengthy discussions and heated debates that occur during “Final” feature/design meetings. This is a fairly common occurrence, that is arguably necessary to ensure that only the highest quality designs make their way into the game.

This process is not only applicable to the development of visual and audio assets but to nearly all aspects of game development. This is due to the highly interconnected way that videogame visual and audio assets are combined with the games backend functionality and the desired user input experience. This deep interconnect creates that immersive, engaging experience that makes video games what they are.

In how this relates to AWS deployment progress.

Creating all the backend functionality that would allow a player (for example to “Search for an opponent” or “Invite a friend”) has deeper implications of not just “How” we are to create that desired functionality, but also “What” is the desired user experience we are trying to create.

What outside of the core functionality are we trying to convey or provide to the user?

“Speed of use”
“User error mitigation/reduction”
“The desired user emotional engagement”
“Passive/Dynamic UI/UX”
“Client performance/efficiency”


Throughout the AWS deployment, my own development process has included collaborating, nearly on a daily basis with other team members to make sure that not only am I personally up to date with the most “complete” design of Shiryo, but that the part of the codebase that I am working on, in this case “AWS_Gamelift_System” including all the individual features and how they operate, remain consistent with Shiryo’s evolving “Design Version”.

With this context, it paints a clearer picture of what it means when I say.
The final “Design Version” of the AWS_Gamelift_System — (Compatible with not only the (30PersonAlphaTest), but is scalable and compatible with all planned future features) has been completed.
The AWS_Gamelift_System_V15b (Yeah.. I know..long name) is now being rapidly implemented in the “Shiryo_Core” build and when this is complete, internal 1st order QA (Quality/Assurance) and stress testing begin.

Once again It’s been great to be able to share with you our progress and I hope you enjoyed this update.