Weekly Shiryo Update from The Lead Game Dev & Shiryo Team #25

Hello Wolfpack!

We hope you’re all doing well!

Rick, our lead game developer is working hard at his tasks and won’t be able to join us this weekend, but he looks forward to sharing his progress soon.

In the meantime, this week’s update is brought to you from our Portal developer & UI/UX designer.

The Game, the mobile app, the portal.

Portal Developer:

Myself, our UI designer and Rick have had many meetings, recently we were discussing the ease of access of some of the game’s features.

A lot of games out there have an app that you can use whilst playing the game, it’ll contain your gamer profile, let you tweet out features from the game (i.e card decks) when you’re on your day to day business.

There are 3 layers to The Shiryo game, the game itself running on a computer, the portal which contains the marketplace, friends, and chats — all accessible in a browser.

But what we were thinking was, if we wanted to send reminders to players, or if they want to chat with friends on demand — they’ll likely want to do that from their mobile devices.

(Although for the long run, we’ve built the game to be compatible with multiple devices, it won’t be initially, so making sure these player conveniences are available until then is essential.)

Our solution to this is the 3rd layer, building a ‘Shiryo Game App’ that will have that functionality.

It’ll predominantly likely be used for the chat, people will be able to arrange games more easily and play around with their card decks while ‘on the go’.

We’ve not finalized the details for the app’s functionality just yet, it’s quite a thorough process to get there. We just wanted to be sure that we cater for easy access at all times and that we’re able to update users with important information efficiently.

Then of course we have the Shiryo portal development.

Shiryo Portal

UI/UX Designer:

Regarding updates for the Shiryo Portal itself, we’re making good progress through it but it’s still at a fairly ‘early stage’ of development, due to meetings we’ve had fleshing out its use case

As it stands, the portal will be replacing the current Shiryo Dapp / web 3 app.

The portal is essentially just a new version of the dapp which is game-specific with extra game functionality within it. With that we’re in the early stages of wire-framing the portal, and how we will be able to onboard people and have them create their accounts in which to then log into the game.

Now the portal itself in terms of wire frame is in early days of development. What we’ve covered so far is trying to figure out the account creation and the functionality that we need up front that will allow users to

1. Either be able to log in traditionally through email password

2. Be able to log in just with wallet and connect wallet to the account, then the account is playable.

Click *create account*

None of this is final, we’re still ‘trial-and-error-ing’ a lot of the process, but this is the current iteration of it.

You’ve got your step 1, creating a gamertag. A gamertag is your username, then you create your password.

Then you can go to the next step.

Step 2 is where we’re putting a lot of time and energy to get it right. We want to create a super intuitive easy-as-possible way for both crypto and non crypto users to use the portal seamlessly. If you’re a non crypto user… it shouldn’t feel like you’re involved in a crypto related process. It feels like you’re just signing to a game, while still having block chain functionality in the background.

If you click on traditional email account, it’ll prompt an email phone number, if you sign up as traditional use ten we’ll need to capture those details, password, gamer tag etc

But if you go back, then click on blockchain account….

The blockchain account option allows users to connect to the game with an existing wallet, so a lot of our holders/users/people with NFT’s right now will have a specific wallet they’re working from, they’ll be able to connect that to gamer tag and in doing so the email and phone number is just becomes optional.

Then you click ‘complete account’, leading us to our next page.

This is a DRAFT example of a logged in user. Once you’re logged in we’ll essentially have a version of the game chat usable in the portal, enabling people to go to the dapp/portal and talk to their friends in game and see which friends are playing and such.

If we click the profile icon/username in the top right corner it’ll take us to profile controls.

You’ll see your profile controls if you click billing, there will essentially be a mix of fiat payments and crypto payments. This is where you’ll track and manage your transaction history and such.

If you click on blockchain, this would be where you can assign a different wallet to your account, or if you signed up as a traditional user just using email, then we auto generate a Shiryo wallet for you. Here is where you’d find that assigned wallet, reveal your seed phrase and import your wallet into metamask if you need to.

As mentioned earlier, we’re still finalizing what the full functionality is going to be and the best ways for us to go about coding and building something that gives an optimal experience for the user.

We’ve always had plans of where things can go, but as you can imagine from reading our updates up to now, we’re always coming up with new ideas, or we’re faced with unexpected obstacles that give us reasons to push for more.

That’s a large part of why our wireframe isn’t finalized yet, we’re making constant progress though and look forward to sharing updates as we continue.