Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #28

As our game development team continues to make strides, we bring updates this week regarding our Shiryo Portal from our UI/UX designer.

Shiryo Portal V2

Our Current Portal / Web 3.0 dApp

Our original portal/dapp was built at the time of the launch of our Shiryo token. Created as a means to interact on the blockchain to add utility within the Shiryo Token Ecosystem. This was very early in game development and the dapp was very specific to the Shiryo token and lacked many game specific functionality that has now become a forefront of the project.

From wireframes to design

A few weeks ago we showed our wireframing of the new Shiryo V2 portal. The wireframing exploration stage was key for us to make sure that all the new game utility was included. Whilst also keeping all our existing token functionality. Finding a good balance between game functions for the regular game user, and a place that gave utility to our token holders which are equally invested in the token/investment side of the project.

We mapped out a new dashboard, login, sign up process. This was a new addition that will allow players to onboard onto the app, create their gamertags and make their accounts which will be the foundation of their player experience.

Designing the look of Shiryo Portal V2

Designing for a game and designing for the web is a slightly different process when it comes to web practices and effective load times. The look and feel of the portal will be a blend of a modern untitive dashboard with our signature Shiryo style and game artwork.

Keeping a uniform look that is clearly tied to the game was an important consideration throughout.

Dashboard V2 Wireframe (WIP) (Logged Out User)

Dashboard V2 Design (WIP) (Logged Out User)

The new Shiryo Dashboard features a much more polished design with game functionality.

A few things to mention

  • Account creation — Users will be able to create their accounts and begin to get onboarded into the Shiryo game experience.
  • Game Patch Documentation — Game updates will be available on the portal to keep people up to date with new patches and updates.
  • Store — A fully integrated store for in-game purchases via fiat or crypto
  • Auction House — (name still TBC) this will serve as our existing secondary marketplace.
  • Downloads — For game client downloads across different platforms, OS.
  • Achievements — Which will contain all of your player stats on past games, quests etc.
  • Collection — We plan on having a full deck builder contained within the portal, you will be able to create decks here as well as in-game. The benefit to this is that you can share decks with others via a URL, and other users will be able to see your deck within their portal. Allowing them to copy it or adapt it for themselves. This will be a useful tool for the community to share their strategies and deck builds between each other.
  • Music — We will have an optional music button to bring in the Shiryo soundtrack to your portal experience.

Dashboard V2 Wireframe (WIP) (Logged In User)

Dashboard V2 Design (WIP) (Logged In User)

The above visual shows the portal once a user is logged in. Allowing them extra functionality such as recent stats, social system and a button to launch the game client.

A work in progress

The designs you see in this week’s update are still a work in progress – and liable to change as we continue on. We’re at an early stage in the full UI design of the portal, but we felt it was at a stage where the community would be happy to see it.

I’m sure you will be able to see the vast improvements over our current dApp/Portal and how the new portal will be a key pillar in our next phases of completing the game experience.

We have been working on both the underlying development and design simultaneously to bring the new portal to you, as soon as possible. Our plan in the near future is to start rolling out the new portal experience whilst we are still building functionality to come. Starting with account creation for the community, where you will be able to finally create your gamer-tags.

We’re making great progress on all of this, we hope you enjoy seeing the updates and improvements so far!