Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #33

WOLFPACK, today we have a plethora of visual updates to feast your eyes on!

We present to you…

  1. The Shiryo Game’s Beginning Tutorial Storyboard!
  2. At last… a peak at the new Avatar upgrades doubled up with the limited-run avatars too!

3. A look at some fresh card art upscales!

There’s a lot to take in, we hope you love this week’s update and we look forward to reading the Wolfpack’s feedback on the Avatars!

The Shiryo Game Beginning Tutorial Storyboard

You may recall from recent updates, that Connor (Lead animator) and Steve (Writer) were coming together to cover our Tutorial System.

To quote from update No.31 “ One of the significant assignments that came up involved our Lead Animator, Connor, and our Writer, Steve. They’ve been entrusted with the critical responsibility of designing and planning Shiryo’s Tutorial System and “How To Play” section.

Crafting an intuitive and effective tutorial experience is no small feat, as it must strike the right balance. Seasoned gamers will know that if you are already quite familiar with the genre of game, that a tutorial can often be a tedious experience.“

Today the Storyboards for our beginning tutorial are ready to showcase to the community!

Connor: “The storyboard’s main function is to showcase some of the main card abilities along with gameplay to new players, it also makes the coding a lot easier for Rick. Steve has written all the messages so they are user-friendly and I’m able to see where to add new and completed animations.”

The following 19 collages contain 6 images each, totalling 113 images with text throughout each, please click to view them at full size.

5 & 6
7 & 8
9 & 10
11 & 12
13 & 14
15 & 16
17 & 18

Upgraded & Limited Edition Avatars

Alongside our recent announcement of brand new limited edition avatars in celebration of Shiryo’s 2-year anniversary, the OG Avatar upgrades were due too…

And today we’re showing a sneak peek at them both.

As we’ve continued to upgrade Shiryo’s artwork across multiple mediums, from our boards to our cards, updating the avatars would be a requirement to match the fidelity of Shiryo’s evolving artwork and fit in better with the game’s design.

The Avatar NFT’s will stay as they are, but the updated look will be available in the game, so you’ll have the option of choosing the Pixel OG avatar design or the upgrade.

First — a look at the upgrades!

We love the OG avatars – and we’ve really tried our best to give them a fresh look while staying true to the originals. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this look.

And of course without further ado… the limited edition Avatars!

Limited №1
Limited №2

Fresh Card Art Upscales

As icing on the cake for today’s visual update, we present to you more of our card art upscales. We’ve received really positive feedback from the community on all upscales we’ve presented thus far, we hope you love the look of these too!

That brings us to the end of this week’s update, until next weekend gang – WOLFPACK STRONG!