Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #38

Attention Wolfpack!

This week our Lead Animator, Connor — showcases his latest work. In his usual fashion, each animation comes with a thorough breakdown and animation file.

The animation file can be downloaded here from our announcement channel.

Without further ado, we pass it over to Connor.

Hey Wolfpack! This week we will be showcasing some of the 3D skeletal animations that are being worked on.

Most of these are not final and will require many iterations to get the desired outcome we’re looking for.

The current list of 3D animations is almost half done and many of these should be good enough to use as placeholders for our 30 Person Alpha Test!

All player and opponent hand and board positions have been updated in blender, these are now able to be used in-engine at the correct sizing, scale and locations.

Attacking Animation

Relevant file: ATTACK_Position_0_To_Enemy_Position_0–7_V2.mp4

This animation is fired from board position 1 to enemy positions 1–7. We have also included any odd positions e.g. 1.5, 2.5 etc for a total of 13 animations, as beasts are destroyed they will move to a centre-driven position on the board.

The animation has been designed so it will not clip into any friendly or enemy cards and is fired from the ready-to-attack idle animation. We should be able to flip horizontally each animation in-engine to create attacking animations for each friendly board position.



Relevant files: Centre_To_Hand.mkv, Centre_To_Deck_REDRAW.mp4, Mulligan_Deck_To_Centre_Centre_Card.mp4

The Mulligan is at the starting phase of the game, giving both players chances to redraw any or all of their starting 3 cards. This phase will initiate after or during the time players are aware of who goes first or second, certain cards or strategies will work better when going first or second. The controlling player will draw 3 cards from their deck which will flip at the centre of the screen, any cards chosen to redraw will be sent and replaced with new random cards from their deck before moving back to the player’s starting hand. For this, 5 sets of animations have been designed for each card position.

Above are the animations for the central card during the Mulligan. Deck to centre screen and flip, centre redraw to deck, there’s also a deck redraw to centre anim (not added) before centre to hand. Each anim has been done for each starting card- left, centre and right card.

The controlling player will view the enemy mulligan slightly differently, where cards will be drawn and redrawn straight to the opposing player’s hand. All animations for both players’ mulligans are now complete.

Beasts Placed Onto Board

Relevant files: Card_Release_Rare.mkv, Card_Release_Standard.mkv, Rare_Release_2D.mkv

For the 30 person test — both devs and the community have chosen all cards that will be used.

The animations used for beasts being placed on the board will depend on their rarity. Basic, Common and Uncommon cards will share the same 3D skeletal animation while rare and legendary will have their own unique anims.

We will also use the same 2D animation for Basic-Uncommon beasts but will change the colour tint in-engine to match their rarity type. The anims will fire as soon as a player releases a beast onto a valid board position after dragging the card from the hand.

Above: Basic-Uncommon placed. Rare placed with updated 2D animation.

All animations for both player and opponent’s board positions are now complete for Basic-Uncommon and Rare beasts. Both 2D anims have been updated to match the correct timings of the skeletal anims.

Card Draw

Relevant file: Player_Card_Draw.mkv

The first iterations for card draw animations on both player and opponent’s board sides have been completed.

Players’ cards will be drawn to a viewable position towards the central right side of the board next to the player deck, this will also be scaled up as the card is flipped to give players a clear view of what card has been drawn.

Cards will only ever need to be drawn to hand positions 4.5 onwards. If a player has a full hand, any newly drawn cards will be discarded.

The opponent’s card draw is done slightly differently, cards are drawn straight from the opponent’s deck to their hand facing down.

Along with the above animations we have created the card raise animation — this raises cards off the board ready for the idle bob animation (ready to attack) to play, as well as the enemies’ card placement animations. Enemies cards will move to the centre of the screen while flipped and scaled from the hand (19 Animations) and then move to a chosen/valid board position (13 Animations).

Shiryo’s writer Steve has now completed all tooltip and ui asset pop-up info for the Play tab, Collection, deck builder and game board.

He has also designed and come up with ongoing buff and debuff names for all applicable cards for the 30PT. These will be shown when hovering over a card in-game along with current effects, abilities and other card info we may wish to add.

During the game startup load screen as well as when players are searching for a match, we will be adding loading screen information to keep players entertained while waiting for matches and loading times. This also brings some of the existing lore to light for players.

Load screen info has been created in 6 categories

— Background Lore/ Random events/ historic info– Shortened pack lore– Mythic/ Unique Beasts– Gameplay Tips Easter Eggs/ Earned Or Unlocked Tips and Other.

Around 100 different load screen sets of information have been completed, these will be added to constantly to bring new information to players about new expansions, cards, abilities and lore that is created.

Here are a few examples of what information players will see during load times.

  • When the plan was made to cast the Final Spell, parties embarked to each of the Four Great Structures each headed by a champion to help protect the mages. These four were Gaia, Keegan, Corin and Indra.
  • The Onyxpelt Pack with their mysterious origins, is an elusive enigma amongst the beasts of Edrea. Their tactics tend to break the mold of conventional strategy, making them highly unpredictable and particularly dangerous.
  • Gaia, The Savior stands as an icon of the flourishing growth across the Munsay Flatlands. Her calm presence exudes the power of the land that lives within her as she stands among all that she helped grow.
  • Frozen beasts can’t attack for a turn, also they cannot deal damage when being attacked by enemy beasts.
  • Mercy is not a value held by the Whitemane Pack, instead choosing decisive and immediate aggression to any who stand against them. They have no qualms with targeting the weak, often seen attacking the sick and injured.
  • Defender forces the opposing player to direct any melee damage towards defending beasts. If there is more than one Defender on the board, Defenders will be attacked randomly.
  • It was in the great Floating City of Avia that the plan was concocted to put an end to the Beast Curse, little did they know that their grand designs would backfire in such a world-changing fashion.
  • Stalking the shadows of the last human city, the Ravenfur Pack operate as bandits by raiding dens as their targets sleep, making off with as much food as they can carry.
  • Inner Fire increases a beast’s Attack and Health values by 1 at the beginning of each of the controlling player’s turns.
  • Believed to be a living icon of the Volcano at the heart of the Kedunn Firelands, Azur, The Burningsoul Alpha only emerges when he is needed and leads his disciples into the fray with fiery conviction.

Wolfpack we hope you’ve enjoyed what Connor has had for us this, we’ll catch you soon with more updates as we progress week by week!