Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #44

Attention Wolfpack!

This week from our game development team, our Lead UI/UX designer steps up to showcase recent additions and updates to the Shiryo Portal.

Images and breakdowns are featured below alongside a new video walkthrough in our announcement channel.

Let’s begin!

Shiryo Portal

Hello community, we’ve been hard at work and I’m happy to share our latest progress with you.

We’ve been making further improvements to the new web-based Shiryo Portal, which will have useful utility that works alongside the game.

Recent efforts have focused on profile utility tools — with additions of essential features such as connecting bank cards and crypto wallets.

I’ve put some images together alongside creating a video for the community to showcase these updates. Some of the functionality displayed may be liable to change while we refine the process and figure out the best user flow.

Check out the images down below and click here to download the video from our announcement channel.

As we always stress, it’s key that the interface feels familiar and resonates with both crypto enthusiasts and non-crypto users.

Your Profile

Your profile — An essential place to edit your ‘top level’ details such as gamertag, email, phone number.


In the billing section, users can securely input optional card information for our in-game store, offering multiple payment methods for in-game options. Alongside this is the users’ billing transaction history for ease of tracking payments.


To cater to the broad user base we will generate a custom Shiryo wallet for all users. However, an additional option is provided to connect existing wallets for those who already have packs, cards, avatars, etc.

This feature is purely optional, meaning non-crypto users don’t have to engage in any unknown process, making their experience more ‘seamless’.

Current dApp Crypto Functionality

Shiryo Swap

A nice highlight is bringing our Shiryo Swap into the new portal. As crypto users will know, our swap is where you’ll be able to buy/sell/convert your Shiryo tokens.

The inclusion of Shiryo Swap in the portal consolidates everything into one, easy-to-access place for a more streamlined user experience.


Taking more utility from our previous dApp and adding Staking/Farming to the portal features, users will still have access to their token and LP staking (which allows you to harvest packs).

Those are all the updates I have to share for today, I hope you’ve watched the video too and liked what you’ve seen.

The development progress week to week is going great for the portal, we’re hoping to start rolling it out soon ahead of the game!

That’s it for this week’s updates, until next time, Wolfpack Strong!