Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #46

Attention Wolfpack!

In today’s update, our lead animator Connor and writer Steve are with us to share their latest work.

There are plenty of progress updates here, including several updates to the player profile, introducing the ‘Final Stand’ phase in the game, and excitingly — a look at the map of Edrea!

We think you’ll love this update, let’s get into things!

Hey guys, it’s Connor here.

Today, we have some eye-catching pictures to share with you, along with some thrilling updates regarding the game’s development and current status!

In keeping with my earlier update, we have now begun the process of integrating every animation into the game!

We have over 200 unique 2D and 3D animations for the alpha release alone, so this will be a continuous process with some animations requiring adjustments as we go along.

Several animations we’ve been working on are now firing correctly in-game including;

Elemental and Energy increases, Card Glow, the ‘End Turn’ button and more!

Working with our Lead Game Developer, Rick, we intend to incorporate the majority of the Board, UI/UX, and Ability animations into the game in the upcoming weeks.

As a result of our close collaboration with other team members, we have designed areas of the game that were either missing or required further development.

These included; Player Profile, Final Stand Phase, Map of Edrea.

Player Profile

The Player Profile is almost fully designed; so far, we’ve completed a first-iteration wireframe of all but 2 of the sections.

Previously, Steve has mentioned and showcased the Profile Overview panel, Achievements and Achievement Wewards Pages, since then we’ve now added;

– Stats
– Match History
– Daily Login
– Player Level Progression Panel and Titles

Edit Avatar, Ranks and Emotes will require more in depth design.


View overall progress and in-game stats.

Match History

View Latest matches, Opponent names, Game type, Win/Loss etc.

Daily Login

Every day that you log in throughout the month, you will be able to gather rewards; these will appear when the game launches and can also be accessed and viewed through the player profile.

Level Panel

Here you can view Level Progression and Next Level rewards. You can view the XP needed to get to the next level and Earn XP by playing games.


Equip a title to show in games. Filter: Title rarity, All titles, Owned/Un-owned titles.

Note: All iterations are subject to change.

Final Stand

When we were examining other TCGs, we discovered that we had nothing designed or in place for the eventuality of when the player runs out of cards in their deck during a game.

When this happens, the common practice in TCGs is for a player to either 1) instantly lose the game or 2) take (X) damage each turn until their health falls to 0.

Collaborating with other team members, we designed our solution, the unique — Final Stand phase.

Once a player runs out of cards to play in their deck, they will be given 3 turns to win the game before they lose.

Each phase / turn of Final Stand will show players an animation indicating how many turns they have left, along with a pulsing red glow surrounding the screen edge;

Accompanying this, the music will intensify as each phase passes until the player loses all their health.

Mapping out Edrea

We have begun working on iterations of the Edrea map, which will enable us to tie in Lore with the game and manga as well as open up future plans such as;

– Interactive map that players can explore and navigate, complete with small stories, zoomed images, and animations.

– Story mode, using a map, players can move from area to area, completing levels for future story modes

– Shiryoverse, which allows players to buy and own land, host and join tournaments/battles and other events.

‘Steve- writer’

What every great fantasy game needs is a map, that’s something I’m sure we can all agree on.

Edrea is a big continent and as such has an expansive landscape filled with the characters you see on our cards.

The process of designing a map is complex as you need to make sure the landscape and biomes involved are all in the correct places and that they also make sense in the greater scheme of things.

Map Of Edrea

For this iteration, I used the earlier drafts that my teammates had created and then manually sketched this on my computer.

This will be revised until we’re happy with what we see, we may even send it to another artist for the final iterations before creating the digital copy that we’ll use in our future plans.

That’s it for this week’s update, we hope you enjoyed everything we’ve had to share with you, we look forward to sharing more exciting new updates soon!