Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #54

In this week’s article, our talented lead animator, Connor, is here to share his latest work with us!

Not only has he brought along some incredible videos for us to watch, he’s also provided in-depth breakdowns of each animation.

You can watch the animation videos in our announcement channel by clicking here.

Now, without further ado, let’s hear from Connor!

Hi Wolfpack, Connor here!

To everyone who’s been following along with my previous updates, this week will be a continuation from where we left off in my last write-up.

Alongside refining older animations, I’ve been creating new ones for the upcoming cards that will debut after our 30-person alpha test.

This is a crucial phase in the process as it helps us manage the workflow and avoid being overwhelmed with over 200 new animations when we hit the alpha stage.

In my previous article, I was focused on developing new Earth card animations, including Grassmane Hunter and Toxic Fumes.

Since then, I’ve continued working on more Earth card animations and have also started designing animations for some of the new Fire cards.

Below, you’ll find images showcasing each animation. Additionally, there are videos available here to view them in action.

Card ID: 54: Rooted Howler – Can’t Attack. Earth 2: Growl: Gain +5 Health and Defender

This animation will accompany both the health-gaining and Defender animations.

It was designed to symbolise energy being channeled from the roots of Rooted Howler and then released as a powerful howl. And to tie everything together, this will also be paired with the sound of a long wolf howl 🐺

Card ID: 67: Resurgence – Summon a random Earth Defender Beast from your Graveyard.

This animation will play when the target card is spawned or summoned. Initially, it was designed with a purple tint to match the current graveyard animations and themes.

I later experimented with green tones to align with the Earth theme and other Earth cards I’ve been working on.

After discussing with the team, we decided to go with the latest version — a grey tint that compliments the colours and theme of the Resurgence card art.

Card ID: 72: Thorn Shield – Give +1 Attack to all friendly Earth Defenders.

This animation is still a work in progress and needs quite a bit of tweaking to get it just right.

It’s designed to kick in on all friendly Earth Defenders at once, automatically activating when you play the spell card onto a valid board position. Plus, it will fire off at the same time as the Buff attack animation.

Card ID: 87: Hellspawn – Choose a Rare or lesser Fire Beast from your graveyard and add it to your hand. It must be played this turn, otherwise it will be Banished.

For Hellspawn’s animation, it will most likely play over the graveyard, but we might consider displaying it on the card that gets sent to the player’s hand.

While designing the animation, the team suggested adding accompanying animations both to the graveyard when a card is selected and to the Beast-Hellspawn itself. The scaling and size of the animation may also be adjusted, which can be done in engine.

Next on my to-do list is to work through the remaining Earth card animations and start on the new Fire card animations.

Additionally, I plan to create unique animations for all five Mythic Beasts, including both a summoning animation to match the 3D skeletal animation and an ongoing card art animation.

And that’s all from me for this week!

Stay tuned for our next update to see what else the team has in store!

Take care, Wolfpack 🐺