All About Our Card Renting Feature

While there have been several compelling use cases brought along by the metaverse and the play-to-earn industry, it could be argued that the growth has been staggered and distributed. We at Shiryo aim to make the crypto space more connected, rewarding, and user-friendly with the help of metaverse technology and a play-to-earn economy.

Pertaining to this plan, we are implementing several unique features that cater to all users and will help them in multiple ways. One of these exciting features is our Card Renting Feature.

Card Renting Features

At Shiryo, we allow users to earn without having to actively engage with the ecosystem. Our users can build an amazing deck and implement our exciting renting scheme, which will enable users to put their cards and decks for rent to the other players. Let’s understand this mechanism more clearly.

In Shiryo, users can borrow using two ways.

  • Player-to-Player
  • Game-to-Player

Using the player-to-player method, the deck owner will allow other players to borrow their cards or decks for payment in Shiryo or ETH. All the lent cards will be locked for the lender but will remain in the lender’s digital wallet. The borrower can decide the duration of borrowing any card.

In the game-to-player method, the players can borrow a whole deck from the game itself by paying with Shiryo tokens. Borrowers can choose from a wide range of premade decks developed by the team based on the current metagame. Moreover, the price of the decks will be fixed to make them accessible to everyone.

The game-to-player method is excellent for starting players as it will allow them to experiment with multiple decks and strategies before putting up any significant investment. The freedom of choice will remain with the borrower in both modes.

Moreover, the Shiryo tokens generated from the Card Renting Features will be collected and used in a two-pronged approach. A percentage of the tokens will be burned to reduce the circulating supply, and others will be used for rewards in tournaments and other in-game activities.

Using this method, we are making the Play-to-Earn economy more accessible for new players and investors as they can experiment without putting up a large investment. Moreover, the fun and interactive environment that we offer is sure to grab your attention while you enjoy a variety of activities.

Our Card Renting feature is just a small example of what users will be able to do in our immersive Shiryoverse. There will be several cards for users to choose from and this is just the beginning for Shiryo. We welcome you to our journey!

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