What we have planned

All dates are subject to change depending on various factors i.e development obstacles or strategy on market conditions. More information will be coming - updated in our main chats soon.

Q4 + Q1
2022 - 2023
  • Alpha Team in house testing of game
  • Community Alpha testing of the game for selected members (Bug tests, Shiryo network tests, animation tests)
  • Community Alpha testing phase 1
  • Community Alpha testing feedback review
  • Community alpha testing phase 2
  • Community Alpha testing phase 2 review
  • Shiryo Card Upgrades
  • Shiryoverse land map preview
  • Twitch streamers research
  • Exchange listing expansion (subject to market conditions)
  • Shiryo Gitbook
  • Community alpha testing phase 3
  • Community alpha testing phase 3 review
  • Alpha Game rebalancing driven by the Shiryo DAO 
  • Open alpha test game release (50-175 card playable, subject to closed alpha bug findings)
  • Physical manga book printing enquiries  
  • 3D Avatar upgrade  
  • Land sale for users to own a piece of the Shiryoverse 
  • Shiryoverse expansion into customizable land and assets 
  • Manga audio voiceover release
  • Shiryo merch store launch
  • 1 of 1 Avatar skins
  • Shiryoverse asset expansion  
  • Expo booth research (I.e Comic-Con)
  • Further marketing expansion into mainstream sectors 
  • Exchange listing expansion
    NFT card backs 
  • NFT emote sets
  • NFT boards
  • Animated/holo upgrade for cards
  • Fiat-on-Ramp research
  • Second season of Shiryo manga (expanded lore)
Q1 - Onwards
2024 (The Future)
  • New Shiryo Packs
  • Construction of achievement boards
  • Prize money monthly Shiryo tournaments
  • Booth expo presentation (i.e Comic-Con) 
  • Metaverse upgrade (VR & AR implementation)
  • VR Arena Battles
  • iOS port of the game
  • Android port of the game
  • Fiat-on-Ramp implementation
  • New card set
  • Single player story mode
  • Customizable NFT card backs
  • Customizable NFT boards