What we have planned

As development progresses our roadmap will be updated to ensure that our community are always kept up to date.

Quarter One 2022
  • Integration of central database with blockchain to enable our in-game transactions
  • NFT card reveal
Quarter Two 2022
  • Shiryo merch store launch
  • Exchange listing expansion
  • Alpha game release
  • Shiryo social spaces implementation
  • Launch of the Shiryo DAO (Enabling community driven updates to the game)
  • Shiryo manga release
Quarter Three 2022
  • Game rebalancing driven by the Shiryo DAO
  • Shiryoverse asset expansion
  • Land sale for users to own a piece of the Shiryoverse
  • Shiryoverse expansion into customizable land and assets
  • Onboarding of Twitch partners for extended launch promotion extended YouTube marketing campaign
  • Exchange listing expansion
  • Shiryo Anime release
Quarter Four 2022
  • Beta testing of the game for selected community members (Bug tests, Shiryo network tests, animation tests)
  • Metaverse upgrade (VR & AR implementation)
  • Further marketing expansion into mainstream sectors
  • Exchange listing expansion
  • Physical card pack and gameboard release