At the request of our community we have implemented token and LP staking.

This has a variety of benefits including stabilising the price of Shiryo and gives our community rewards for helping us do so.

To Stake

  1. Visit https://app.shiryo.com/#/farm
  2. Select token staking or LP staking
  3. Approve the Dapp to access your tokens
  4. Deposit your tokens
    Let the rewards roll in!


How does this work?

An investor will lock their tokens away in a vault for one week at a time, this will help stabilise volatile price action and encourage individuals to hold. Investors can withdraw their tokens at any time, but they will not receive their bonus unless held for the minimum time of one week.

Please be aware: If more tokens are added, any outstanding packs are harvested automatically and the timer is reset to 1 week. There is a transfer tax 11% for the SHIRYO token to support reflections, this also applies to staking and removing.

Token Staking
Minimum of 20T tokens
1 free card pack per week of staking

LP Staking
Minimum of 20 LP tokens
2 free card packs per week of LP staking


How do I claim?

Claiming your rewards is simple, all you need to do is visit our DAPP open the farm page and click the harvest button.