There was a time when Edrea was a green prosperous land full of people. The continent was divided into four lands, ruled by four different nations, living in harmony.

Kedunn Firelands
The hottest region in the Northeast was covered in lush forests and foggy weather -The Kedunn Firelands. The name came from the double edged sword of the Firelands – Titan Precipice, an active volcano. A blessing and a curse… Small lava rivers and caverns full of boiling magma ravaged the grounds but also it made the soil richer – trees burned and were reborn in cycles. The warm climate made a home for sturdy people that were excellent craftsmen capable of forming metal in volcanic forges.
Munsay Flatlands
Just east of Kedunn was a land of farmers named Munsay Flatlands. Farmlands and orchards painted most of the landscape with a giant tree towering all over the land. Always bearing fruits The Mother Tree nourished both people and animals throughout all seasons. Hunger was unknown in these lands.
Ganasea Archipelago
Ganasea Archipelago in the southwest, a so-called water land. People of this corner of the world were fishermen by craft. It was the only part of the continent accessible by boat. Broad rivers, deep lakes, countless islands, and a vast sea built the scenery of the Archipelago. The source of all waters was powerful Atina Geyser. Many believed that the water close to the stream had healing powers – a rumour handed down by the Ganaseans for generations.
Deibel Rise
Deibel Rise, in the South – East of the continent is covered in rocky mountains. The range is rich in minerals and metals of various kinds. Mines and long human-made tunnels were very common in that region. Families for generations specialised in bringing forth the precious substances produced deep in the Earth. Unusually high amounts of silver in Devil’s Tooth, the highest peak of Deibel Rise, attracted lightning strikes. Thanks to that phenomenon, engineers of these highlands managed to harness the power of electricity, making them the most technologically advanced of all of Edrea’s inhabitants.
Avia, The Floating City
Above the place where all these lands met was a unique structure – Avia, The Floating City. Home of the mightiest sorcerers all of the continent had ever seen. A colossal boulder eternally lifted by a powerful spell. Soaring towers and narrow alleyways filled with the thick smell of potions and ponderous aura of magic. The ground beneath the town was a neutral territory – a place where all nations of the continent met to trade and tell stories.
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[…] I was awakened by a shrill scream and a dreadful howl just outside of my hut. Not knowing what made that terrifying sound I reached for my chopping ax and headed for the door. What my eyes saw outside will never leave my memory. A sea of blood, gutted corpses of my neighbours, and dozens of frenzied wolves feeding on the fallen. Being immensely outnumbered by the wild beasts my best option was to try to sneak out in hope that the animals would not sense me.[…]

The peaceful days of Edrea were no more. One night, a full moon night to be exact, wolves, foxes, and all canines alike came from the forests and started attacking the human settlements. The sheer hunger of the beasts had no end, wolves were ripping bodies apart, leaving nothing more than bones.

Many prior decades of peace and prosperity made the continent defenceless. Lack of conflicts meant no army was needed. Only the capital towns had troops and those numbers were limited.

Small villages, having no ramparts were an easy target for packs of animals.

People started fleeing into chief towns but they soon became overcrowded and the gates were closed. Those safely hidden behind the walls had no other choice but to listen to the screams of those left for dead.

Blood of men ran into the ground painting the soil of abandoned cities and villages in red and brown. No living soul in sight, only hundreds of hungry beasts soaring the lands.

Some said it was a curse sent by the gods for not worshiping them, others thought a plague was brought by a corrupted mage that was exiled from The City of Avia. The truth is still unknown.

The situation in capitals was no better than outside. Overpopulated and with limited supplies, the towns could not withstand it for long. Starving people on every corner, diseases ravaging already struggling cities, the leaders of the capitals had to act. They made the difficult decision of choosing their most prominent warriors and hunters to gather much-needed resources.

Some of the escapades were successful, from some no one returned. Once a wounded fighter came back alone from one of these ventures. Who would have thought that seemingly favourable event would bring such doom onto Ragecross – The capital of Kedunn Firelands.

The returning warrior wasn’t badly wounded – has been only bitten by a wolf. Healers managed to clean the wound and close it but the man had still fallen ill. High fever and excruciating pain were piercing his body. All endeavours of the medics to cure the warrior were in vain.

3 nights later warrior’s body started undergoing a terrible transformation – The agonising, stabbing pain of breaking bones made him scream. His muscles grew, limbs elongated. His jaw split and started moulding itself into a long and gruesome snout. Thick fur sprouted out of his skin. The creature stood up from the asylum’s bed. Now taller and broader than an average human and somewhat slouched. A monster of legends and fairy tales – a Werewolf.

The monstrosity growled loudly and snarled, showing its new sharp teeth. It dropped to all fours and rushed outside of the building looking for prey. Fuelled by primal instincts it started killing townsfolk left and right. Sharp claws cut through flesh with ease. Some stronger men tried to stop the beast but got quickly overpowered by the blinding fast strikes of the werewolf.

The beast decimated a quarter of the population of the city before Keegan The Fiery, a battle mage and towns leader managed to bring the creature down with a Searing Flame spell.