As development progresses, this document will be updated in accordance, please ensure you check back regularly to stay up to date with the latest developments.

Shiryo was born from a like minded collective of blockchain, DeFi and trading card game (TCG) enthusiasts, the team recognised a gap in the market for a high quality TCG that lives on the blockchain and saw this as an opportunity to create something that we are not only proud of, but would love to play.

The majority of the core team members played the likes of Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon in our younger days and are committed to making something that is synonymous with these household names in the trading card game space. Blockchain based gaming is a relatively new and hugely exciting aspect of the cryptocurrency space we have all come to love, almost 1/3rd of the world’s population are gamers (Triple A, 2021). Last year, the crypto gaming industry had a total market revenue of over $321M (Triple A, 2021), whilst it is speculative it is safe to say that this industry has the potential to grow exponentially.

It has been argued by many that blockchain based gaming will usher in mass adoption of cryptocurrency, appealing to both blockchain enthusiasts and the staggering estimated statistic of 3.24 billion gamers worldwide (Statista, 2021). This statistic is only going to grow as cryptocurrency and in game ecosystems become further legitimised as adoption increases.

We believe that we can utilise our skills, passion and capital to ensure that we gain first mover’s advantage in the creation and development of the best trading card game in DeFi, we have big plans to not only take over the trading card game space – but to inhabit the metaverse. More on that later. Our motto is ‘underpromise, overdeliver’, as veterans of the cryptocurrency space we are all too familiar with teams who promise the world and fail to provide.

We are putting as much distance between ourselves and teams like this as possible, we will prove our potential with our actions, not just our words. Your funds will always remain safe; liquidity will always be locked, our contract is audited by Certik with Skynet and fully renounced. We are Shiryo, accept no imitations.

Shiryo Token


Fairlaunch – no presale, no team tokens


Manual (10% of the NFT sales are used to buy back and burn Shiryo)

Initial Supply

Shiryo-Inu 1,000,000,000,000,000,000
(One quintillion -18 zeros) 


Ethereum (ERC-20 Token)


Total tax for buy/sell transactions is 11%.

How reflections work:

3% of every buy and sell transaction are immediately redistributed to Shiryo-Inu holders in the form of additional tokens, based on the number of tokens they hold compared to total supply. If ‘Wallet A’ has 1% of total supply, that means ‘Wallet A’ gets 1% of the 3% reflections from every buy and sell transaction.


Reflections in $Shiryo-Inu to holders






The Shiryo token contract is renounced, liquidity is locked for over 400 days at the time of writing and will be locked again well in advance of it unlocking. Shiryo has also been audited by Certik with the Skynet upgrade, making us eligible for tier 1 centralised exchanges and ensuring 24/7 contract monitoring and security.

Liqudity Lock:


Certik Audit:

View Audit Here

Contract renouncement:


The Team

Our core team is assembled of highly experienced individuals who are carefully vetted as experts in their appropriate field.

Jordan Fung

Chief Executive Officer - CEO

An online business expert with extensive knowledge of web development and design. Jordan’s experience and passion for both the blockchain and trading card games means no expense is spared throughout both design and development of Shiryo.

Marcin Gorny

Chief Marketing Officer - CMO

Marcin Gorny, Marcin has extensive contacts in both the DeFi space and the social media marketing space. His sole responsibility is ensuring that every single person who falls under our target audience has heard of Shiryo.



BSC Degree in Software Engineering, worked in the industry of social media marketing since 2016, full stack developer and avid blockchain enthusiast.

Web Dev & Design

Tom & Kyle

Extensive knowledge in website development and design with a passion for always delivering the highest quality work.

Dapp Dev Team

R & M

NFT and Blockchain experts, R & M work as a collective to create the very best bespoke Dapps for teams around the world, we’ve brought them on as full time Dapp developers for Shiryo to ensure that they’re always on hand should something need to be made, changed or improved.



There to share the workload and take some legwork away from our hugely experienced CMO, Marcin. Our marketing cubs are up and comers in the online marketing space who are hungry to prove they have what it takes to join the big leagues.



Working closely with our Dapp development team to ensure that we have fully bespoke, proprietary designs for every single one of our NFT’s.



There to share the workload of the rest of the design team and help with the small tasks that need performing day to day – Twitter graphics, Telegram graphics and everything else you see on our social media is usually pieced together by our loyal designer cub.



Here to enforce order within our Telegram group, respond to messages and forward urgent matters that pop up in our group to the rest of the team.

Concept Art

The below stills are examples of in game assets and environments included to give our investors an idea of our vision for shiryo’s graphic elements. The visual element of this project is hugely important to us and we see it as a vital selling point for the community. We hope this gives you an insight into the true potential both the game and shiryoverse aspects have. Please be aware, this is concept art and is therefore subject to change as development progresses.


(Please be aware, our game is currently in development and as such, gameplay design is subject to change, be sure to check back here regularly for further updates)


Players can play against a bot who will utilise a skill level similar to them, or they can join a live lobby to be matched with an individual of a similar skill as them. Ranked matches and tournaments will also be accessible to players.


We are aware of a barrier to entry with blockchain based games in the form of costs, we have decided to implement a feature which will allow for users to play with 50 free cards. The cards are not going to be stored in your wallet but on the Dapp for any player to use prior to purchasing a full deck.

The Basics

You and your opponent start with 40 health points and draw 3 cards each. A Coin is tossed to decide the first player to place a card (whoever is going 2nd gets an extra card drawn. You hold your cards in your hand, selecting which to play according to how much ‘energy’ you have. You can only see the cards in your hand, not your opponents. Cards can be placed in any order on the board (maximum of 7 in play at once). Each card has an attack score and health; some cards may have an element or ability too. At the end of your turn, your cards will attack, left to right, onto a random enemy card; If there are no enemy cards left, the hero’s health points will be attacked. When a hero’s health reaches 0, the opposing player has won.

Your Hand

You draw a card from the deck at the start of each turn. Cards with a glowing border indicate that they can be played. You may hold up to 10 cards in your hand, if you already hold 10, and try to draw another, it will be burnt.

Your Hero

On your Hero avatar, you will be able to see your remaining health points (starting at 40). If this reaches 0, the game is over and your opponent has won. You can also see how much health your opponent has remaining.

Your Energy

Each card will have an ‘Energy Score’ on it. Telling you how much energy it costs to play. At the start of the game you start with 3 energy points. They are spent as you play cards on your turn. Your energy is fully replenished at the start of each turn & you gain an additional energy point each turn, until you reach 10.

Your Beasts

You can place your cards (beasts) in any order you wish, but once played, they cannot be moved on the board. When cards are played, they will take 1 turn to become ready to attack. Unless an ability states otherwise. Your board can hold a maximum of 7 beasts. On your beast you will see an attack score (how much damage it will do to an opposing beast or enemy), a health score (how much HP the beast has remaining until it is ‘dead’ and removed from the board) and any ability it may have. Once you end your turn, your beasts will attack (from left to right) a random beast of the opposing side.

Your Deck

Your deck contains a maximum of 30 cards, which you will have preselected before the game and saved as one of your ‘decks’. If you have no cards left when it comes to your turn, your hero will take damage. 1 damage on the first attempt to draw a card, 2 damage on the second, 3 damage on the third, and so on…

Starting Hand

When the match begins, a coin is tossed to decide who is going first. Whoever is 1st will draw 3 cards and be able to preview them, they then have the option to swap any card/s for another random card from their deck before confirming and taking them to their hand. Whoever is 2nd will draw 4 cards and also have the option to swap any card/s before confirming them to their hand.

Drawing A Card

At the start of your turn 1 more card is drawn into your hand. Some cards may have abilities that will draw you more cards during your turn.

Playing A Card

To play a card, you will select a card that is glowing (meaning you have enough energy to play it), select which position on the board you would like to place it and click confirm. Cards will not attack on the same turn they are played, but will be active and ready to attack on the next round.

Ending Your Turn

Once satisfied with your placements during your turn, you can click the ‘End Turn’ button. Your turn will also automatically end if inactive for 1m30s.

Attacking Enemies

Once you end your turn, your beasts will attack the enemy beasts/hero. Your beasts will attack, automatically, from left to right. The beast they attack is random, unless there is a tank card, which has/have to be attacked before normal beasts are attacked. If there are no enemy beasts left on the board, the enemy hero is attacked, the enemy hero will not be attacked unless the opponent has no beasts on the board. When a beast is attacking, damage is dealt as well as received. Meaning your attack is damaging the enemy beasts HP and the enemies attack is damaging your own beasts HP.


Once a card has been ‘killed’ it is returned to the relevant players’ graveyard. Cards will remain here, unless a spell allowing for a resurrection has been played.


As a trading card game, the cards are arguably the most important aspect of the Shiryo eco system, the cards allow for players to participate in the Shiryo game! There’s a variety of different cards, beasts and spells all of which play a vital role in ensuring gameplay is fluid, fun and engaging. Packs can be minted via our proprietary dapp and The cards are NFT’s (non fungible tokens) and they live in a player’s wallet, players can burn multiple cards in the hope of receiving a more powerful card.

Beast Cards
These are the standard beast cards, they contain an attack score, health points and some possess an ‘ability’

Spell Cards
Spell cards can be played at any time during your turn and are immediately activated (they do not take up a space on your board and are burned immediately after use.

Element Cards
On the left of the screen are four ‘sockets’, each one represents a different element. When an element card is played it is added to the appropriate socket, not the board; one fire element card will add +one to your fire socket, one water element card will add +one to your water socket and so on.

Your first element card will cost one energy, the second will cost two energy. This increases up to the maximum energy in the socket which is five. Some cards will have an elemental ability which will only be activated once the corresponding amount of element points have been accrued in the socket.

Beast Cards
These are the standard beast cards, they contain an attack score, health points and some possess an ‘ability’
Card Abilities
– Does something when played Battlecries will include abilities such as; deal three damage to enemy beast, deal one damage to three random enemies, give a random beast on your board an extra attack point.
Death Rattle – Does something when killed Death Rattles will include abilities such as; deal two damage to the card which dealt the deadly blow, deal two damage beasts, return the card to hand after death (only active once).
Effect – Has a persistent ability Effect abilities will include; ‘Tank’ which means that a tanked card must be attacked prior to other cards being attacked and ‘Shield’, which gives a card a shield which will absorb damage for one round.

Card Renting

Do you have an amazing deck, but just don’t have the time to play? We’re implementing an exciting pack renting scheme which will allow users to put their packs up for rent, other players can play the game with them and you can split the profits straight down the middle!

Game Logic

In order to better understand how the game works we have put together a flow chart in order for players to visualise exactly how the game works. As the flow chart is quite comprehensive, it’s best displayed as a separate PDF.


Picture this, you come home, you’re tired from working, you make yourself a coffee and turn on your computer.

You need to blow off some steam after a hard day, you want to escape reality for a little while.

You head to our website and enter the shiryoverse.

An immersive environment with everything you need; social spaces, stores and battle arenas!

The shiryoverse will be divided into spaces pertaining to each element of our card game, you can select where you want to visit on the map and be transported to a metaverse, want to see some volcanos and firey looking beasts? Head over to the fire region, want to see some rolling hills and beautiful countryside? Head over to the Earth region!

Want to upgrade your deck? Head to an immersive store environment where you’ll be able to purchase different booster packs and card upgrades to make your deck exactly what you want it to be!

Want to take it one step further and own a piece of the shiryoverse? There’ll be land for sale with a variety of incentives for people to purchase, this land will not be required to play the game as the team will reserve 10% for battle arenas, tournaments and social spaces will be held in this space. There’ll be training centres where you can level up your beasts and taverns where you can hang out with other players.

The other 90% is fair game.

Once this land is sold out the value will be decided by the secondary market, there will never be more land for sale than the initial supply.

Maybe your deck is focused around fire element cards, you’ll be able to purchase a lava filled environment to keep your beasts in! Maybe you fancy yourself a businessman, you can rent this land out to other players, they’ll be able to use this land to burn common cards in hopes of better receiving cards and hone their skills before entering tournaments!

Shiryoverse Lore

There was a time when Edrea was a green prosperous land full of people. The continent was divided into four lands, ruled by four different nations, living in harmony.

The hottest region in the Northeast was covered in lush forests and foggy weather -The Kedunn Firelands. The name came from the double edged sword of the Firelands – Titan Precipice, an active volcano. A blessing and a curse…

Small lava rivers and caverns full of boiling magma ravaged the grounds but also it made the soil richer – trees burned and were reborn in cycles. The warm climate made a home for sturdy people that were excellent craftsmen capable of forming metal in volcanic forges.

Just east of Kedunn was a land of farmers named Munsay Flatlands. Farmlands and orchards painted most of the landscape with a giant tree towering all over the land.

Always bearing fruits The Mother Tree nourished both people and animals throughout all seasons. Hunger was unknown in these lands.

Ganasea Archipelago in the southwest, a so-called water land. People of this corner of the world were fishermen by craft. It was the only part of the continent accessible by boat. Broad rivers, deep lakes, countless islands, and a vast sea built the scenery of the Archipelago. The source of all waters was powerful Atina Geyser. Many believed that the water close to the stream had healing powers – a rumour handed down by the Ganaseans for generations.

Deibel Rise, in the South – East of the continent is covered in rocky mountains. The range is rich in minerals and metals of various kinds. Mines and long human-made tunnels were very common in that region. Families for generations specialised in bringing forth the precious substances produced deep in the Earth. Unusually high amounts of silver in Devil’s Tooth, the highest peak of Deibel Rise, attracted lightning strikes. Thanks to that phenomenon, engineers of these highlands managed to harness the power of electricity, making them the most technologically advanced of all of Edrea’s inhabitants.

Above the place where all these lands met was a unique structure – Avia, The Floating City. Home of the mightiest sorcerers all of the continent had ever seen. A colossal boulder eternally lifted by a powerful spell. Soaring towers and narrow alleyways filled with the thick smell of potions and ponderous aura of magic. The ground beneath the town was a neutral territory – a place where all nations of the continent met to trade and tell stories.

[…] I was awakened by a shrill scream and a dreadful howl just outside of my hut. Not knowing what made that terrifying sound I reached for my chopping ax and headed for the door. What my eyes saw outside will never leave my memory. A sea of blood, gutted corpses of my neighbours, and dozens of frenzied wolves feeding on the fallen. Being immensely outnumbered by the wild beasts my best option was to try to sneak out in hope that the animals would not sense me.[…]

The peaceful days of Edrea were no more. One night, a full moon night to be exact,  wolves, foxes, and all canines alike came from the forests and started attacking the human settlements. The sheer hunger of the beasts had no end, wolves were ripping bodies apart, leaving nothing more than bones.

Many prior decades of peace and prosperity made the continent defenceless. Lack of conflicts meant no army was needed. Only the capital towns had troops and those numbers were limited.

Small villages, having no ramparts were an easy target for packs of animals. 

People started fleeing into chief towns but they soon became overcrowded and the gates were closed. Those safely hidden behind the walls had no other choice but to listen to the screams of those left for dead.

Blood of men ran into the ground painting the soil of abandoned cities and villages in red and brown. No living soul in sight, only hundreds of hungry beasts soaring the lands.

Some said it was a curse sent by the gods for not worshiping them, others thought a plague was brought by a corrupted mage that was exiled from The City of Avia. The truth is still unknown.

The situation in capitals was no better than outside. Overpopulated and with limited supplies, the towns could not withstand it for long. Starving people on every corner, diseases ravaging already struggling cities, the leaders of the capitals had to act. They made the difficult decision of choosing their most prominent warriors and hunters to gather much-needed resources.

Some of the escapades were successful, from some no one returned. Once a wounded fighter came back alone from one of these ventures. Who would have thought that seemingly favourable event would bring such doom onto Ragecross – The capital of Kedunn Firelands.

The returning warrior wasn’t badly wounded – has been only bitten by a wolf. Healers managed to clean the wound and close it but the man had still fallen ill. High fever and excruciating pain were piercing his body. All endeavours of the medics to cure the warrior were in vain.

3 nights later warrior’s body started undergoing a terrible transformation – The agonising, stabbing pain of breaking bones made him scream. His muscles grew,  limbs elongated. His jaw split and started moulding itself into a long and gruesome snout. Thick fur sprouted out of his skin. The creature stood up from the asylum’s bed. Now taller and broader than an average human and somewhat slouched. A monster of legends and fairy tales – a Werewolf.

The monstrosity growled loudly and snarled, showing its new sharp teeth. It dropped to all fours and rushed outside of the building looking for prey. Fuelled by primal instincts it started killing townsfolk left and right. Sharp claws cut through flesh with ease. Some stronger men tried to stop the beast but got quickly overpowered by the blinding fast strikes of the werewolf. 

The beast decimated a quarter of the population of the city before Keegan The Fiery, a battle mage and towns leader managed to bring the creature down with a Searing Flame spell.

Play To Earn

Our play to earn mechanism is complex and still being finalised, this page will be updated as development progresses.

Play to earn game modes
There are a variety of methods in which users will be rewarded when playing Shiryo, both the community and team see this as a fundamentally important aspect of our ecosystem and the competition it will bring. We would like to clarify that there will be game modes for the less experienced which do not run the risk of losing their avatar or cards for those who just want to relax and participate for fun.

Card Wagering
Prior to beginning the match a player can wager a card and the victor will take, the matchmaking system will ensure that you’re matched against an individual who is willing to wager a card of similar rarity and power.

Avatar Wagering
Similar to card wagering in the sense that prior to the game you select an avatar which you are willing to hand over to the opponent should you lose the game.

Card Packs
Players will gain in game tokens for playing the Shiryo TCG, following the accumulation of enough Shiryo tokens a player can mint a pack of cards and either use them to play the game or sell them on the secondary market.

Weekly & Monthly Tournaments
Play the ranked mode to work your way up the leaderboard and win Shiryo tokens, card packs or Shiryoverse assets depending on your position on the board. There will be different ‘categories’ of ranked matches, a beginner, intermediate and advanced one depending on the power level of your deck.

Community Guidelines

We request that our community aids the team in keeping our social channels clean and friendly to both experienced and brand new investors alike, we ask our community members to abide by the following rules.

Our content creator pack is available to download, we request that content creators use the up to date images provided in the pack and do not post any explicit content including profanity in their Shiryo related content.

The creator pack will be updated regularly as development progresses.


Minting NFT’s can be an unfamiliar process, but the key factors to take into account are gas fees (a fee for every transaction on the Ethereum network) and your wallet, as this is where your NFT’s will be stored.

To mint an NFT, follow the steps below:

  1. 1: Visit https://app.shiryo.com/#/mint
  2. Connect your wallet by hitting the button in the top right corner
  3. Here you can mint 1 pack, 5 packs, 10 packs or 20 packs
  4. Click the appropriate amount of packs you wish to mint
  5. You’ll be asked first to approve the transaction in your wallet
  6. You’ll then be asked to confirm the transaction in your wallet
  7. Your NFT’s should then appear in your wallet which you minted from.

Be aware that if you hold over 25T tokens you’ll be auto upgraded to a founders pack when you mint! This comes with in game perks and benefits that are yet to be announced.


Avatars are your persona in the Shiryo world, you’ll use it as your display picture and it will grant you access to whitelist for exciting future in game add ons so you always get priority!

To mint an avatar:

  1. Visit https://app.shiryo.com/#/avatars
  2. Connect your wallet
  3. Choose if you want to mint with Shiryo tokens or with Ethereum
  4. Approve the transaction in your wallet
  5. Confirm the transaction in your wallet
  6. Your avatars should appear in the wallet which you minted from


At the request of our community we have implemented token and LP staking, this has a variety of benefits including stabilising the price of Shiryo and gives our community rewards for helping us do so.

To Stake

  1. Visit https://app.shiryo.com/#/farm
  2. Select token staking or LP staking
  3. Approve the Dapp to access your tokens
  4. Deposit your tokens
  5. Let the rewards roll in!

How does this work?

An investor will lock their tokens away in a vault for one week at a time, this will help stabilise volatile price action and encourage individuals to hold. Investors can withdraw their tokens at any time, but they will not receive their bonus unless held for the minimum time of one week.

Please be aware: If more tokens are added, any outstanding packs are harvested automatically and the timer is reset to 1 week. There is a transfer tax 11% for the SHIRYO token to support reflections, this also applies to staking and removing.

Token Staking
Minimum of 20T tokens
1 free card pack per week of staking

LP Staking
Minimum of 20 LP tokens
2 free card packs per week of LP staking

How do I claim?

Claiming your rewards is simple, all you need to do is visit our DAPP open the farm page and click the harvest button.


In Game Transactions

Shiryo aims to overcome the issue of gas fees through the implementation of traditional databases and scalable servers with hooks and processes that are triggered by or result in transaction on the Ethereum mainnet.

This will provide us with the benefits of utilising something similar to a private blockchain specifically for shiryo but without the ‘clunkiness’ associated with transaction processing.

In layman’s terms, the Shiryo TCG will utilise Ethereum entry and exit points but there’ll be no transactions in the middle of play causing gameplay to slow down.

This is done purely to enhance the users in-game experience, the in-game currency will not be an asset that can be externally traded.

Metaverse Integration

As avid gamers, we recognise the potential virtual reality has on the future of gaming. We plan to create a fully immersive environment which can be experienced via virtual reality, you’ll be able to see your beasts in a 3D environment, you’ll be able to interact with other players in one of our social taverns and much, much more.

Virtual reality is going to change the way in which people play games, we plan to be an early adopter of this technology and take our place in history as one of the first trading card games to be played in the Metaverse.


As development progresses our roadmap will be updated to ensure that our community are always kept up to date.

Q4 + Q1
2022 - 2023
  • Alpha Team in house testing of game
  • Community Alpha testing of the game for selected members (Bug tests, Shiryo network tests, animation tests)
  • Community Alpha testing phase 1
  • Community Alpha testing feedback review
  • Community alpha testing phase 2
  • Community Alpha testing phase 2 review
  • Shiryo Card Upgrades
  • Shiryoverse land map preview
  • Twitch streamers research
  • Exchange listing expansion (subject to market conditions)
  • Shiryo Gitbook
  • Community alpha testing phase 3
  • Community alpha testing phase 3 review
  • Alpha Game rebalancing driven by the Shiryo DAO 
  • Open alpha test game release (50-175 card playable, subject to closed alpha bug findings)
  • Physical manga book printing enquiries  
  • 3D Avatar upgrade  
  • Land sale for users to own a piece of the Shiryoverse 
  • Shiryoverse expansion into customizable land and assets 
  • Manga audio voiceover release
  • Shiryo merch store launch
  • 1 of 1 Avatar skins
  • Shiryoverse asset expansion  
  • Expo booth research (I.e Comic-Con)
  • Further marketing expansion into mainstream sectors 
  • Exchange listing expansion
    NFT card backs 
  • NFT emote sets
  • NFT boards
  • Animated/holo upgrade for cards
  • Fiat-on-Ramp research
  • Second season of Shiryo manga (expanded lore)
Q1 - Onwards
2024 (The Future)
  • New Shiryo Packs
  • Construction of achievement boards
  • Prize money monthly Shiryo tournaments
  • Booth expo presentation (i.e Comic-Con) 
  • Metaverse upgrade (VR & AR implementation)
  • VR Arena Battles
  • iOS port of the game
  • Android port of the game
  • Fiat-on-Ramp implementation
  • New card set
  • Single player story mode
  • Customizable NFT card backs
  • Customizable NFT boards

Telegram: https://t.me/Shiryo_Official

Announcements Channel: https://t.me/ShriyoInuAnn

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Shiryo_Official

Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/Shiryo_Official

Remember, the Shiryo team will never contact you first, the DeFi cryptocurrency space is plagued with scammers who will pretend to be team members to attempt you to wallet connect or send funds to them.

Always block and report these people, they pose a threat to the space we have all come to love and must be stopped.


We endeavour to always listen to our community, we welcome feedback, ideas and criticism from the Shiryo community, feel free to get in touch via e-mail at:


You can also get in touch via our Telegram group: https://t.me/Shiryo_Official