End of Year Wrap Up and a Look into the Future

Hey there Wolfpack, it’s Jordan here, I hope you’re all doing well.

I’m sure by now you’ve all seen our new roadmap and have some questions about it, so I’m here today to give deeper insight on what some of these updates mean for us.

Before getting into things –  we’d like to say that we know some of this roadmap will look ambitious, but we’ve had extensive conversations with our game developer and as a whole team, the roadmap is an ideal case scenario – but we’re pretty confident in the timelines that we’ve listed.

However we do want to state that changes could be made either due to new unforeseen obstacles for us to work through, or changes in market strategy based on market conditions. Should either of these events happen – we’ll inform the community.

The first thing we’ll cover is the Alpha testing phases, as you all know the community alpha testing is due to begin at some point in January and is initially only going to be for around 30 members.

This is going to be something new for us – so we want to make sure it’s done right, we want an easy environment and communication to be efficient – we also figure the first bugs will be the easiest to find. So for all those reasons we believe a smaller group will be best.

However as bugs in the game are fixed and we get comfortable with the process, we will invite more members to test the game. We’re still finalizing the numbers but we’ll be looking at around 50-75 members for phase 2 and 75-100 members for phase 3.

This will give us more hands to find bugs that are harder to catch – and of course means that more of the community is involved directly with this vital part of the games development before the game is released in Q2 for all the community to play. 

Next the upgrades, we have card upgrades and 3d avatar upgrades coming.

The card upgrades are just a visual upgrade of the entire collection that we’re actively working through right now.
The upgrades won’t change any characters or abilities, we’re simply enhancing all the cards with more detailed backgrounds, extra details in fur, giving more piercing looks to the eyes, better colouring, we’re taking what are already great cards and really trying to push them to be the best quality they can be.

Further down the line we’re looking at having visual upgrades to card backs too

These will be optional for holders, some designs will be available for free so you can customise your cards right away, more intricate valuable designs will incur a fee.
These upgrades are just for more customizability to your decks, and the visual upgrade should carry over into our game too. 

The upgrades won’t stop there, we’ll be looking to eventually incorporate holographic designs into the cards, we’ve already had a preview of how these could look for us and our lead game dev is looking at how we’ll make these work in the game.

This will give users a big visual upgrade both as assets and in the game itself.

Our lead game dev has already talked conceptually about how these could work in VR, so as you move the card from side to side in VR – you’d get an accurate transition through the hologram. 

Our 3D avatar upgrades are ones we’re really excited for, it’s quite a big visual step up and will also be given to the community free for existing avatar holders.

The 3d upgrade for the avatars carries us into the future too where we’ll be giving community members options to get further unique 1-of-1 skins for their avatars, our generator will ensure the skins are unique, giving people more value and more trading opportunities with their avatars. 

**Note: This is early concept art for the 3D Avatars and not our final design, we’re currently looking to create a full body wolf avatar capable of being used in Shiryo VR, with our 1-of-1 skins suitable for a full body.

And there’s also our board upgrades, where users will be able to customise corners of their boards.
For example where there are volcanos, maybe we’ll unleash different fiery elemental styles of designs for you to change up, however you decide to customise your board – if someone else plays a match against you, they could play on your unique board. 

Next we’ll talk about VR Shiryo,

from the moment our alpha testing game is released – the development of VR Shiryo will begin alongside development of the main game.

Our aim is once the main game is complete – to have VR Shiryo ready for testing, this will be possible due to the way our game has been built from the ground up.

We built Shiryo with a VR future in mind, from day 1 our coding was made ready for the VR integration, which is why we’ll be able to develop it in tandem with the main game.

This will be a very immersive experience unique to our TCG, a virtual reality version of the game where you’ll be in a 3d world, you’ll be able to hold your cards, throw them down and see these wolves come to life.

If you have a card modification like the holographic cards – you’ll be able to move it around and get a ‘real world’ holographic effect to it.

The virtual reality world should carry over to desktop experiences too, so if you don’t have an VR headset – you can still enjoy a 3d TCG from your computer.

The Shiryo Land will be able to be purchased in the middle of the year, though we’ll be looking to do a preview of the map for the community long before then.

Once the land is available, we ourselves will be buying 10% of the land in the center or what we’d call the ‘neutral zone’. We’ll be using this for hosting our tournaments and such in the future, afterwards other users will be able to buy the 90% left remaining.

A small amount of neutral land will be available, then otherwise all the elemental corners will be available, people will be able to set up their own tournaments and promote it in their own areas, once people have bought into their tournaments – they can take a cut of the winners pot.

This would be set up with secure contracts so no-one can ‘rug’ a tournament or cut the matches halfway through.

We also have a Shiryo Gitbook coming – this is essentially an online guide for anything and everything about Shiryo, it’ll cover literally everything, from basics like buying the Shiryo token and staking, to buying land, or how to join in and play our game once it’s released.

It’ll be something that’s continually added to as the project develops and the game is released, the bigger and more diverse Shiryo becomes – the more essential a tool like this will be for new users.

Lastly – You may notice we have a few sections regarding researching twitch streamers and looking at expo booths.

We’re aware once our game is released that it’ll need big promotion, we want to look beyond crypto for that, we want the best eyes in the gaming world working with us – and we want to spread awareness of Shiryo through the most relevant communities.

We think the gaming community will love our game, and at the likes of comic con – we feel those kind of crowds would love our game, the designs of our characters and the lore that comes with it.

Physical copies of our manga should be ready by then too, so we can really immerse new people with both trying our game and getting invested in our lore.  

As we pull the gaming sector into Shiryo – our game will be designed in such a way that new users who want to play the game but have never used crypto – can do so with seamless integration.

New gamers will have their digital wallet automatically generated to hold their assets, this way they’ll still be using NFT’s, they’ll still be operating in the crypto sides of things – but without any risk of feeling intimidated by the whole new crypto experience.

We won’t own any of these wallets, it’ll be theirs entirely privately, then If they decide they want to venture further into crypto – they’ll be able to. Our gitbook will guide them on how to navigate the process, then if they wish to do things like sell any of their assets on our marketplace – they’ll be able to.

This is essential for us, we want the mass markets of people who are here to game, and if we can give them an easy experience to get into crypto then that’s a huge win for us on top.

That’s everything for today, we’ll be welcoming the community to submit questions for a text AMA soon, so any questions you have about our future let us know and we’ll do our best to answer them.

It’s been a pleasure telling you all about what’s to come, we hope you’re as excited for the future as we are, until next time – take care.