Weekly Shiryo Update from the Lead Game Dev#1

Getting the AWS server deployment setup for the (30PersonAlphaTest).

Hey community, Rick here (Lead Game Dev).

As you are aware, we have had a few roadblocks in getting the multiplayer build of Shiryo deployed and ready for the (30PersonAlphaTest).

So here is a rundown on this week’s progress.

I started my own approach by beginning with a clean slate. I copied the current build of Shiryo, ripped as much functionality I could away until I was left with what is essentially a shell of Shiryo with the barebones core framework—resulting in the test build “Shiryo_Core”.
(Reduces the number of variables that can cause issues).

Setup — Shiryo_Server

I implemented the basic server functionality within “Shiryo_Core”.
Successfully packaged out the Server files and got the “Shiryo_Server” uploaded to our AWS.

Configured the cloud deployment of the “Shiryo_Server’’ so it’s ready for clients to communicate with it.

Setup — Shiryo_Client

Using the configuration parameters of the “Shiryo_Server”, I implemented some of the fundamental Client AWS functions we require for the (30PersonAlphaTest).
(Some of the added functions)

”Client” — Create a new game.

”Client” — Search for available games. (Including filtering results based on *SBMM)

”Client” — Request to join a game.

”Client” — Create player object (Handles the Client/Player)

”Client” — Join selected game.

”Client” — Leave game. (Disconnect).

*SBMM: Skill-Based Match Making.

Testing- Shiryo_Client

I tested all this functionality in the UE Editor (Confirming in the AWS Console the creation of GameSessions, Players joining/leaving.. etc) before packaging out the Client files and testing with the rest of the dev team remotely. (More realistic use case)
With this, I am happy to say that I have successfully gotten the minimum multiplayer functionality in the “Shiryo_Core” build-up and running.

So what’s next? Can we play the Alpha?

With the “Shiryo_Core” build operating correctly. I have already started to tackle merging the “known” working core AWS functionality into the current build of Shiryo. This is very involved as the Shiryo code base is significant, with many complex systems that introduce any number of variables that interfere with the AWS code resulting in undesirable or just “broken” functionality.

To solve these issues, I introduce one AWS function at a time, diagnosing problems as I go, sometimes it’s a quick fix, other times a complete system needs altering to be compatible.

I am aiming to provide weekly (behind the scenes) development updates, to not only keep you all informed but to share the hype and passion that each and every one of us at Shiryo has for this project.

I hope this quick peek into the current development state of Shiryo, is somewhat reassuring that we are working tirelessly to bring you something that we are proud of. We genuinely cannot wait to be able to share with you what we have been working so hard to create.