Weekly Shiryo Update from the Lead Game Dev #8

Hey community, it’s me Rick (Lead Game Dev), here again to provide some more ‘insider’ behind the scenes updates on the development of Shiryo.

Firstly, in regards to information the community has requested about remaining work for the 30 Person Alpha Test, we are still currently reducing down the target “results” that we would like to achieve from the (30_Person_Alpha_Test).

The current priority is card “balancing” data.

The “range” of cards that will be used during the test, is still being debated/selected.

This is due to the differences in core card data, energy use, ability and elemental synergy…. etc (As well as premade deck selections).

This is not a trivial amount of data that we are wanting to collect and analyze.

As such, it is vital for our preliminary manual balancing and then for future refinement of gameplay balancing models. (Essential when dealing with such an enormous number of gameplay variations that occur in a TCG).

There are other development aspects of the game that are still being worked on, as you may recall we continued to develop Shiryo whilst we worked on the AWS Server. The newer ‘effects’ within the game are still being coded in and our sound designer still has some weeks ahead of him to bring in our ‘sounds’.

Our team is due to have a meeting to plan the remaining work for the 30 person Alpha Test, once this is completed we will aim to give the community further detail.

I also thought to remind us of what we are all striving to achieve, what we are all a part of, whether that be as a humble supporter, a developer or a serious investor. We have all undertaken the ambitious goal of not just creating a game (an ambitious undertaking as it is) but to innovate across multiple industries by successfully bridging mainstream Gaming with Blockchain integration.

The most common method being utilised across the Crypto gaming industry appears to be simply including blockchain functionality in a If we build it they will come strategy.

Now we understand the theory of this approach, since “we” are all “bullish” on blockchain technology and I personally believe the “eventual” superseding of significant amounts of future infrastructure, will involve the integration or the entire replacement by Blockchain technology.

The key word here is “eventual”.

Our strategy to accelerate this transition is to create the “need” in the individual user, through the game of Shiryo itself, 1 player at a time. This will then compound through word of mouth, and create the cultural shift at a grassroots level.

This method involves subtle and selective inclusion of blockchain functionality.

For example gamers dont stress or praise the inclusion of (Visa or Mastercard) for in-game transactions, it’s just functionality that exists when they need it — and it works with as little inconvenience as possible.

One way we aim to accelerate the acceptance of Crypto is to use the same strategy the user is only aware it exists when it doesn’t work correctly.

While minimising the awareness of Blockchain integration might seem counterproductive to gaining acceptance, it’s an individual timing and perspective issue we are working with here.

Until the individual user, through their own natural progression of playing the game, creates a situation themselves that generates their own intrinsic need to learn / invest / accept / use more of blockchains functionality, the cultural perspective shift about Crypto we are trying to change will be difficult.

Attempting to execute this strategy involved the systematic rethinking of how we present our game to the target audience. As well as adjusting design aspects of Shiryo like target playtime, UI/UX, replayability, maintenance and reward functions etc.

With such rapid progression of technology (with crypto having an even greater pace than the norm). The ability to continuously analyse new emerging information, reevaluate and if needed, adjust our design plan, is vital to the success of Shiryo and the wider adoption of Crypto.

I hope sharing this might provide a clearer understanding of things like development delays and “issues” that we face while attempting to create something as awesome as Shiryo.