Weekly Shiryo Update from The Lead Game Dev & Shiryo Team #27

It’s Rick here again — providing a quick update of what I’ve been up to this week.

Firstly I started this week focusing on our current recruitment push.

Adding an additional coder to the game development team is in full force. I’ve been scoping out available networks and I’ve sent out my feelers far and wide to look for any potential talent that might be able to bring on board.

Recruitment is always a difficult task, this combined with the demand for Unreal Engine developers seeming to be at an all time high, increases the challenge somewhat. I know it to be a numbers game, of which we have already started so I’m hopeful that someone epic will emerge and join us soon enough.

The main “meat and potatoes” of my workload this week has predominantly been the Animation/Ability system (A joint effort of me and Connor (our Lead Animator)

This consists of us continuing to optimize the workflow of integrating the large number of animation assets in the engine and simultaneously building/updating the underlying system that will drive them all.

One of the larger tasks that Connor has been tackling has been the creation and organization of the necessary supporting data and assets that need to accompany the main animations.

I have been working in tandem with him so that all the supporting assets/data are of a matching format to the other systems utilized in Shiryo

To accompany this — I have been re-evaluating the current animation system that is in use.

With such a large increase in anim assets, it is likely that either the animation system would need upgrading to be able to drive the more comprehensive asset collection — or that it wouldn’t be robust enough if it was able to.

That process is currently going well, with some potential “driving” issues and optimisations having already been identified as I’ve progressed.

One of these optimisations that I have been adding, like the (Ability System) is to create and utilize a CSV “library” of assets with a consistent formatting across Shiryo.

This will reduce future headaches when we inevitably continue to expand the number of anim assets, as well as when we increase the base number of Cards, Abilities and Effects in general.

Next week will be more of the same for me as I continue to build and optimize this system.

I hope this quick rundown on some of our high priority gameplay tasks that we are grinding through — has been interesting!

I look forward to sharing more of our progress with you again soon!

  • Rick

— — — — — —

On top of this week’s progress update from Rick….

…our Lead Animator Connor sent us over 5 animations from the game — with a paragraph breaking down each one.

The file is available to download here — in our announcement channel;

1) Forest Ranger- ID: 55

Effect- Earth 2- Growl: Give adjacent beasts Defender.

This animation will play immediately after the growl animation.

The shield is used to signify defense, tying in with the current defender animation — both with colors used and style. The colors used also add some neutrality meaning we can use the same animation in later dates for future beasts that give the same effect.

We may add defender to other elemental types down the line as for now only earth and neutral cards share the effect. Similar animations using shields have been used in many other games and TCG’s to show Taunt or Guard moves and abilities.

2) Summon From Graveyard

Animation is fired from certain beasts’ Last Howl effects and spell cards.

For this animation I decided to use a lot of purple and grays to represent the graveyard and a death theme. These colors and animation movements will be used for later anims regarding the graveyard. The wolf skull opening and fading out represents bringing back from the dead and ties the animation together.

3) Summons From Firing Card

Animation is fired from a beast card that can summon another beast, either through its growl ability or elemental upgrade.

This is a 3 part animation showing a card being summoned from another beast.

1) The first animation is fired from the target card

2) The second from the newly summoned card

3) The third is the impact — fired underneath once the summoned card has reached its final position.

Light blue shades are used to both tie in with Shiryo’s existing UI colors and also to show neutrality as all elemental types will use this animation.

I may change the colors to white, that way we can tint the animation in the engine to match each element type’s color at a later date.

4) Spell Card Destroyed From Hand

All animations have been created for each element type — for a spell card being destroyed from the player’s hand. These animations will fire right before the spell animation is played — the spell card will then be sent to the players discard pile within their graveyard.

5) Venomous Sigma- ID: 59

Earth 3- Ongoing: Adjacent beasts are poisonous.

This animation will fire either once a player has reached 3 earth elements, or once played if the player already has the desired element amount.

The animation will fire alongside the Earth Ongoing animation and has been added in the video.

3 anims were created for this as we needed a left, right and both left and right animation depending where the beast is situated on the board.

E.g. If the beast is in board position 1 — then the left part of the animation is not needed to be shown as there can be no beasts further left. All colors and styling has been used from previous poison and poisonous animations.