Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #31

In this week’s update, we’re coming at you with technical updates from Lead Game Developer Rick — and visual updates from Lead Animator Connor with breakdowns on fresh animations!

We hope you enjoy reading!

Development Update

Hey all, it’s good ole Rick here.

I’m back to provide you with the latest update on our recent development activities. Over the past week, we’ve been actively engaged in several crucial tasks and discussions.

We kicked off the week with our routine team meeting, where we took a closer look at the ongoing tasks, assessed their progress, identified potential challenges, and determined if additional resources were needed. This meeting also served as a valuable tool to maintain our project’s momentum and assign new tasks as required.

One of the significant assignments that came up involved our Lead Animator, Connor, and our Writer, Steve. They’ve been entrusted with the critical responsibility of designing and planning Shiryo’s Tutorial System and “How To Play” section.

Crafting an intuitive and effective tutorial experience is no small feat, as it must strike the right balance. Seasoned gamers will know that if you are already quite familiar with the genre of game, that a tutorial can often be a tedious experience.

In contrast, if you are completely new to the game type, a well thought out tutorial can be the difference between gaining a new member to your player base, or potentially putting off a gamer from an entire game genre.

To cater to both audiences, we plan to provide an initial Tutorial Sequence for new players, allowing them to “get their feet wet”, easing into the game and ensuring they have good comprehension of the basic game mechanics.

Additionally, we’ll offer (level scaling) “tool tips” during loading screens. We will offer different groups of “tool tips” based on their difficulty of implementation, so that we can better match tool tips helpfulness to the player.

Furthermore, we’ll include a “How To Play” section in the menu system, featuring comprehensive help and additional information.

Additional information areas included
.Game Overview / Glossary
.Ability List
.Card Info
.Tutorial (Replay)

In a future community update, we will delve deeper into these systems and the workflows employed by Connor and Steve to create them.

As for my own tasks this week, I’ve been making solid progress in developing Shiryo’s high-level design documentation. This work is pivotal to the continued momentum of Shiryo’s development.

Alongside this, I’ve been diligently reviewing and finalizing the Ability/Animation System. This system serves as the “work horse” of Shiryo’s game functionality, so it’s essential that it not only functions as designed but that its also robust.

That’s all for this week’s quick update from me. I trust you’ve once again enjoyed this behind-the-scenes peek, and I look forward to sharing more with you in the future.

– Rick, Lead Game Developer.

Animations Updates

The following animations can be downloaded from our announcement channel here; https://t.me/Shriyoinuann/831

The Devil- ID: 79

Effect- Fire 4: Growl: Heal 1 damage to all friendly Beasts and Deal 1 damage to all hostile Beasts. (Community picked card)

This animation will play straight after or towards the end of the growl animation. I wanted this anim to be quite flashy as it both buffs and debuffs friendly and enemy beasts similar to an area of effect ability. As the spiral effects meet and explode this is where we play the fire damage animation to enemy beasts alongside the heal animation to friendly beasts. The inspiration for this animation came mainly from the finished spell anim Phoenix Rebirth adding in embers and horns to make this unique for the beast. We will more than likely change this beast’s name to Devil as multiples of ‘The Devil’ may seem a little strange.

Shapeless Horror- ID: 157

Effect- Choose a beast on the battlefield and gain its ability. (Community picked card)

Target and Receiving animations.

Target animation– This effect will most likely be a Growl ability. Once the growl animation has played we will show a targeting arrow from Shapeless Horror, a player can then pick a target (if there are beasts in play with abilities, if not the game will continue). Once a player releases the target arrow on a valid card we will fire the target animation for Shapeless Horror onto the chosen beast. As the black smoke rises we will simultaneously show any removing animations for that target beast’s abilities (if we decide to steal target abilities rather than copy them). These will most likely include only elemental and standard abilities (positive and negative) such as poisonous, poisoned, defender etc, rather than buffs and debuffs.

Receiving animation– As the smoke descends back onto Shapeless Horror we will then play any gaining animations for abilities stolen or copied.

For this animation I wanted to create a dark smokey effect to bring in essences of the existing lore we have for this card. I was originally going to go with a tar like effect with splashes and dripping but decided the smoke style I chose portrays what I had in mind a little better.

Updated Elemental Cards Spending (On Played)

Each element card has been updated to show more of its elemental type effects on the card once played. Once a player drags and releases an element card onto a playable area of the board the corresponding animation will play for that type. The card will then be sent to the discard pile in the player’s graveyard. This will then increase the player’s elemental counter by 1. Each time a player plays an element card of that same type the cost is increased by 1, e.g. the first fire element card a player plays costs 1 the second costs 2, third costs 3, playing your first thunder element card would cost 1 the second cost 2 etc. When a player plays an element card they will also draw a card.

Draven Shadowclaw- ID:147

Effect- Whenever a friendly Beast is attacked deal 1 damage to the hostile Avatar. (Community picked card)

This will be an ongoing ability. This animation is based off the standard attack animation we use, it is edited to be black to tie in with the current lore we use for the beast. A separate animation will fire simultaneously on Draven as the attack animation is played, showing a black shadow-like glow surround and disperse the card edges. This signifies to both player’s which card is responsible for the avatar damage.

Ilex, Vine Hivemind- ID: 52

Effect- Earth 4: Growl: Immobilize all hostile Beasts. (Community picked card)

This animation will play immediately after the growl anim. I wanted to focus on the card art for this legendary beast, making both the eyes and vines surrounding Ilex glow while poisonous clouds are released from its mouth. As the animation is shown we will also play the immobilise animation to all valid enemy beasts on the board. Inspiration for this was taken both from current poison anim’s i have created, tieing in colours and opacity and also the lore created by our writer.

That’s it for our animation updates this week, I look forward to sharing more soon!

Connor — Lead Animator