Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #34

Attention Wolfpack!

Today’s update leads on from our last portal update — where we presented a video showcasing the progression of our wireframe into a polished design and a walk-through of the account creation process.

You can check out our last portal update here

This week we’re excited to share further progress we’ve made with the Shiryo Portal with a new video walk-through.

In this video, you’ll see improvements to the account creation process and can feast your eyes on new visuals for the collection and deck builder pages.

You can download this video from our announcement channel here.

To go with it we have some words from our Lead UI/UX Designer.

Lead UI/UX Designer; Hey there Wolfpack!

You’ll notice from the get-go, the enhanced interactivity of the portal with tidbits of animated feedback as you navigate your cursor across different tabs.

Next, we show the development progress for account creation. Subtle updates have been made from the previous video such as the ability to ‘reveal’ your password in the sign-up process.

From there we head to the new portal collection page, which will allow users to view their entire collection from cards, avatars and more.

We’re bringing our deck builder to the portal also — this will allow users to create, edit and compare decks with others. Allowing this for in-game and in-portal means your decks are always easily accessible.

We hope deck sharing and strategic builds will be an integral part of Shiryo’s gaming community.

The deck builder on the portal is a slightly stripped-back or ‘simplified’ version of the in-game one. It’ll still retain its core functionality, but with modified design choices implemented to improve the user experience in-browser.

You’ll be glad to know the portal collection/deck builder pages are now in active development.

Lastly, we hope you like the background music. Although we have the music toggle at the top ‘turned off’ in this walk-through, this is the actual background music track you’ll hear when you’re navigating the portal.

We’re making great progress across all areas right now and we’re excited for the future updates we’ll have for the community!