Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #35

It’s that time again 🔥

In this week’s update — our lead animator Connor presents several new animations with their breakdowns, alongside insight into his overall work progress for the community!

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Without further hesitation, let’s get into Connor’s breakdowns.

To download these animations please visit our announcement channel here.

Streamfang Herbalist- ID: 126

Effect- Water 4: Return all friendly beasts to full health (Community picked card)

This animation and its effects will play once a player has reached 4 water elements or will be fired immediately if the player plays this beast and already has the required element.

This anim is similar to a previous animation showing a beast healing another beast. I wanted to add and create a more flashy water-based effect to show off the rare rarity type of this beast.

Along with the blue orbs expanding and then fading — I added a water droplet with glow and blur as well as a coupled colour border glow of the card. This should match nicely in-game followed immediately by the heal and buff animation on affected beasts health icons.

Earth Board Leaf Loop

Each elemental board type will have its own specific animations. The earth board is the first board that we will be using for games in Shiryo.

This was my second attempt at the animation, the first time there were a few issues with both the symbols I had used to create the looping effects and also the leaf shape, size and colours didn’t seem to match with the background.

The final result was achieved by dulling down the green colours to blend with the board’s earth tones; this brings less attention to the animation but is enough to give some movement and life to what otherwise would be a static image.

By adding variety in leaf size, shape and speed, this created a more natural movement. Anims for future board types have also been designed e.g. embers and ash for fire boards, snowflakes and wind effects for water type boards etc.

Entering Graveyard & Other UI Animations

This anim will show once a beast is destroyed and sent to the graveyard.

I have used the same dark and purple tones as previous graveyard animations to create a subtle smoke-like effect.

Depending on how this looks once all anims and gameplay have been put together we may decide to remove this in the future — as it may be a little overwhelming visually if multiple beasts are sent to the graveyard in succession.

Other completed UI anims include- finalising the player’s Energy. This will be a two part animation showing both the Energy counter increase and also a glow and spark effect on the Energy counter frame.

(Further completed UI anims) All Elemental upgrading and ongoing effects. Avatar health decrease and damage. Card glow effects (these will be shown when hovering over a card). End Turn button glow- active and removing effects. Menu UI anims e.g. Lobby page rain effects, button glows and Shiryo logo effects.

Along with these animations I have also created all highlights and glow effects (gaining and removing) that will be shown in the beginning game tutorial.

Blender- 3D Animations

For many of the 2D animations I’ve been working on there are also paired 3D skeletal animations that need to be created in blender.

There are also many skeletal animations that need creating for basic card movements for the game, including; drawing a card from the player’s deck, ready to attack- idle animation, attacking, receiving damage etc.

Most of these animations will need many varieties depending on variables such as; board positions, hand positions and player/enemy choices.

I have created a list of most of the skeletal animations needed, already exceeding 200 new animations needing completion.

Some of the unique animations will require a little time to create, while anims with multiple varieties should be easier by changing the end positions and frames to get the desired outcomes.

Drawing from deck to hand- This animation shows the player a card which is drawn from the deck before it is sent to the available valid hand position. The card is flipped while it scales up and moves closer to the camera to give a clear view to the player.

The player’s hand has been redesigned so that cards overlapped the opposite direction horizontally. This allows players to always see the energy cost of cards in their hand as well as have a more clear view of their most recently drawn card.

Along with animations I have been working with Shiryo’s writer Steve to create in-game tool-tips for the Lobby page, Collection/deck builder area and Gameboard.

Also looking at all the information and descriptions found in the How To Play section within the options tab. This information will go alongside the previous tutorial we designed and can also be accessed anytime during gameplay to give players any information or hints they need.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s update from Connor, our Lead Animator. We’ll be back with you all soon with further updates around Shiryo’s coding development progress and more!