Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #37

This week’s update is a feast for the eyes and ears!

Our lead designer presents and breaks down his latest work for various gameplay interactions, alongside our sound engineer showcasing new sounds for the Shiryo game.

First up – our Lead Designer.

Some of these are simply concept work, to help visualize for our animator, and some will work fine as complete graphics in-game. There are many tool-tips, interactions, and descriptive actions that happen during gameplay and these all have to be designed accordingly to fit with the overall theme of Shiryo.

A game that makes sense and feels right is just as important as one that looks good.

Here is a small selection of the many interactions that we have been working on.


Our graveyard is accessible in-game by clicking on the graveyard, giving the users the ability to clearly see graveyard cards and discarded cards (cards such as spells that can only be used once). You will clearly be able to see opponents’ cards in here too.

Victory Screen

The screen you will see once you win a game, clearly displaying your experience gain. This will have animation and music to go along with it to make it feel dramatic and fill you with a sense of pride for winning a game.

Defeat Screen

The screen you don’t want to see too much… The defeated screen will still show you your stats gained (less than winning a game)

General Action Prompts

Along with animation to guide you through your playing experience, we will have action prompts/descriptors firing off so you’re always sure what’s happening in-game. These don’t exactly do themselves justice as a flat image. But it’s these little touches that become deeply immersive once animation and music is added.

General Tooltip

If you look down by your stacked deck bottom right we have a tooltip. These tooltips will show on many items to always show you what it does, and give you more info. So you are never lost in-game, and know exactly what everything does.

A trading card game of this nature may already be simple to understand for anyone with experience with TCG’s. But what we are striving for with Shiryo is that it will be super intuitive and easier to pick up than some of our competitors. A lot of thought and consideration is going into all these extra elements, as they will be so important to explaining the game whilst keeping you in immersion.

We can’t wait for you to see this all come together in game-play. Many of these may be refined once we are into testing and we get a feel for “uncertain spots” in gameplay. Once we have that data, we will be well on our way to having a fully concise, immersive and easy-to-understand game.

— Lead Designer

To accompany our graphics update, our sound engineer presents us with two tracks for the Shiryo game — with a brief breakdown of each.

These tracks are available to download from our announcement channel.

Track 1 — ‘The Wolfpack’
Track 2 – ‘On Your Last Legs’

Sound Engineer

‘The Wolfpack’ track will be playing as the ‘Play Screen’ is open. As you can tell from the get-go, where other tracks we’ve presented have had quite ‘ambient’ tones — this is the total opposite.

The concept is to make things feel exciting and create a sense of pace.

We want to make the player feel ‘ready to go’, and intrinsically driven to start the match. To help stimulate that almost ‘excited anxious’ energy, I’ve used various ‘ticks’ and other sounds that capture a sense of ‘time running out’ — that variate throughout the track.

The next track ‘On Your Last Legs’ is an example of what will be played when your health drops to low levels. Here we’re really aiming to make players feel the pressure of their ‘critical state’.

The track starts quiet and slow but progressively picks up pace, volume and intensity, gradually building a sense of anxiety. Then suddenly the drums lift the track’s intensity several levels higher — bringing the danger right to the front of the player’s mind.

These tracks have been challenging, but they’ve been fun challenges to work through. I hope you’ve enjoyed listening to them and I look forward to sharing more soon.