Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #43

Attention Wolfpack!

Continuing from last week’s updates, our writer Steve is back providing interesting insights into the Shiryo game with breakdowns on player profiles and in-game ‘achievements’.

Alongside that, our sound designer has a treat for us 🔥 showcasing some new sound effects for attacks in the game and also a behind-the-scenes look at the design process for creating ‘Last Howl’.

Due to the nature of this update — the written content will be a little shorter than usual but there’s plenty of great stuff to take in.

Firstly, an important update: The Shiryo Team would like to inform the community that our ‘Sol Token Guide’ is still being written, we apologise for the delay — rest assured we’re merely making sure we cover all bases and we’ll have it released soon!

Now let’s get into things.


To hear our new sounds for poison, immobilize, last howl and more, alongside the design process for last howl — please download them from the following links in our announcement channel.

Sounds Effects Folder

Creating The Last Howl.Mp4

Our sound designer would like us to bear in mind, that these sounds are still in early stages where further polish or alterations could still be made.

He’s a perfectionist when it comes to getting our sounds right, whatever we hear today will only sound better in time to come.

We hope your ears like what you hear and you enjoy getting insights into what it takes to bring Shiryo’s sounds to life.

Moving onto the rest of our update, we’ll pass things over to Steve!

Player Profile

Hey Wolfpack! Steve here, today I’ll be taking you through recent work, we’ll take a look at the creation of Player Profiles and our in-game achievements, this carries on from last week’s announcement where I took you through our ‘How To Play’ section and scripts for voice lines in the game.

You can view that update here; https://medium.com/@shiryo/weekly-shiryo-update-from-the-shiryo-team-42-7bc0ade1c5dc

The Player Profile is a common staple among online games, a player-centric area where somebody can have easy access to all of their stats, achievements, titles and so forth.

Connor and I have worked closely together to design and wireframe the Player Profile in such a way that it is easy to navigate and easy to find the information you are looking for.

All of the options contained within this area are things that are directly linked to you as the Player, certain aspects of this profile are editable such as: Title, Profile Avatar Picture and Emotes.

Other information found here would include: Achievements, Match History, Stats, Daily Login, Player Level, Current Rank and Username.

Down the line, we may add more features to the Player Profile such as Event Information and Leaderboards. We have made the buttons in this wireframe scalable so these new headings can be added without disrupting the overall layout of the Profile. All of this is still in the wireframe stage and is subject to iteration before handing it off to our UI Artist for the masterstrokes.

Alongside our work on the Player Profile we have also begun design work on all of the headings contained within it.

Some of these will be easier tasks while others will require more in-depth work to make them ready for the final game. Areas such as the Match History or Achievements will be simple panels you can scroll through whereas the Emotes and Rank panels will be interactable and as such will require a closer level of planning.


Those of you out there who are avid gamers like myself will be all too familiar with this concept. Achievements are those little icons of triumph we all seek out to celebrate our milestones in a game and Shiryo is no different.

In this game, you will have the opportunity to receive rewards for tasks you complete while playing the game, whether you seek them out intentionally or just complete them in the process of enjoying the game itself.

Some of these achievements will even unlock titles for you to use in-game so you can wear that badge with pride, knowing you earned that moniker.

Most of the achievements I’ve written come in stages so when you complete one, the next stage of that milestone will become available as you will see in the example I will show below. These give you a sense of evolving accomplishment knowing that even though you have completed one stage, pushing that act further will still be rewarded in some form.

The Achievement used in the example above is the Geomancer achievement, which is progressed by using Earth Elemental Cards.

With each stage of this achievement unlocked you will receive awards ranging from bones and XP to titles and even some cards. We have other achievements linked to nearly all aspects of play so no matter how you decide to fight on the fields of Edrea, you will always be working towards some form of reward.

Here are some examples of Achievements we have come up with, alongside the rewards earned for each completed milestone.

Soon we will have even more to show you about the design of the Player Profile area. Even now while you are reading this, we are hard at work on our next tasks that we will be ready to show as soon as they are finished.

This concludes us for this week’s update, we hope you’ve enjoyed this content from our writer Steve and our sound designer. Stay tuned for next week where we’re expecting some updates around the Shiryo Portal!

Wolfpack Strong!