Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #47

Attention Wolfpack!

This week, our Lead UI/UX designer gives us a deep dive into Shiryo’s player profile section, showcasing design updates and user experience upgrades!

We hope you like what you have to see, let’s get straight into things.

Shiryo Player Profile Update

Hey guys, This week we will be sharing a few of the new design updates and thoughtful considerations that have gone into the game’s profile section.

This continues from last week’s theme, where we shared some wireframes for our new profile utility. First, we’ll look at the ‘Profile Popup’.


We’ve since taken the above wireframe and have crafted it into this.

As a user; once you click on your profile card, you’ll be taken directly to your ‘profile popup’, which in turn will grant you access to certain pages.
As you can see, we made some design simplifications to the original wireframe layout in order to accommodate a more conventional user interface, the reason behind this is simply ease of use.

These profile tools may be frequented regularly, such as our daily reward page, so we need to make things simple and easy to use and navigate between sections.

Next, we’ll check out our ‘Daily Login’.


We’ve also turned the above wireframe into this;

Our daily login page allows for users to claim their daily rewards.

There is a change from the wireframe, specifically the addition of a top navigation. This will grant users the ability to jump between sections far more easily, with no need to go back to the previous profile popup.

We also experimented with how long ahead of time rewards should be displayed — should it be one week or one month? We believe there are benefits to both.

As it stands, we’re currently more leaning towards displaying a month, as then we can typically do a big end-of-month reward with time to build anticipation.

Next are our profile titles!


We’ve been at work turning this wireframe into the following;

Here you’ll see a way to select your character titles!

Achievements and more will be used to unlock these. These aren’t exactly an essential tool, but they’re a cool way to rep your own unique achievements and unlocks within the game. We’ll be sure to make some interesting titles for lucky testers and early adopters of the game.

So that’s about everything for this week — a detailed explanation going from our wireframe-to-design across our profile utility flow.

Although we always bring upgrades to designs, we’re still improving and working on this, iterating it as we go. As such, all designs are still subject to change.

We will be focusing specifically on some parts of this profile utility required for the 30-Person-Test. It’ll likely be the daily rewards and the titles for now, and then as we get closer and closer to the full release, we’ll begin rolling out other sections.

While many of these features aren’t exactly 100% needed for simple gameplay, we believe every feature we’re working on will be greatly important for Shiryo’s future through things like increasing the player return rate, engagement, and community.

That’s it for this week’s update, until next time, Wolfpack Strong!