Weekly Shiryo Update from The Shiryo Team #52

This week, our lead animator Connor, fills us in on all the latest animations he’s been working on. He’s brought videos for us to watch, along with detailed breakdowns of each animation in the article.

The animation videos can be viewed in our announcement channel by clicking here.

Now over to Connor!

Hey Wolfpack, it’s Connor here!

Since the last time I connected with you all, the team has been making solid progress in the development of Shiryo.

Animations are now being individually coded, ensuring they work correctly in-engine and are fired at the right times. This will remain an ongoing task — as some underlying systems are still in need of amendments and further improvements.

However, once the targeting system is complete, we should be able to shift our focus to coding the remaining board, beast and ability animations.

While coding is being undertaken, I have also been designing and animating new animations for the cards not included in the 30-person alpha test.

As we are only using 75 cards for alpha testing, there are another 150 cards that will need animations. With a task of this scale, starting now gives me a great head-start on planning and designing.

Once the first 75 cards have been properly tested, the game will then be in a playable state, and it’ll be time for the next animations to be brought in and coded with haste. These need to be completed as soon as possible, ready for any expansions or future card releases.

So far, not only have I been amending any older animations, but I’ve also begun piecing together the first iterations of animations needed for the remaining earth cards.

I’ve attached several images down below, there are also several videos of animations to go with these images, which you can view by clicking here.

Card ID 62: Grassmane Hunter: Earth 1: Growl: Deal 2 damage to a hostile Beast.

This animation was designed to resemble two swipes from wolf claws with magical effects, along with grass splashing from the impact points.

The animation assets are tinted with a vibrant green colour, which allows them to thematically match with previous Earth animations while also matching the colour palette of Grassmane Hunter.

Card ID 74: Toxic Fumes: Poison a friendly Beast. Earth 1: Poison any Beast Instead.

This animation will be played in tandem alongside the ‘gaining poisoned’ animation.

Given this is only a ‘1 cost card’, the animation is designed to be quick and simple, representing the toxic gases rising over the targeted card.

Card ID 73: Vine Armour: Give +2 health to a Beast. Earth 1: It costs 1 Energy instead.

This animation will be played alongside the ‘Buff Health’ animation.

This animation is still being actively refined and worked on to get things just right. The speeds of the vines need tweaking a little, along with further improvements to the colour of the shield.

Card ID 68: Spore Eruption: Give all your Earth Beasts: Last Howl: Summon 1/1 Fungal Wolf. Earth 2: Give all your Beasts: Last Howl: Summon 2/2 Fungal Wolf instead.

Although this animation is also still in active development, it still shows the overall vibe I’m trying to achieve.

In my experiments to get this right, I’ll be testing with different placements of the spores, including bringing them all higher so they’re above the cards themselves — and not just the gameboard.

For my next-in-line tasks, I’ll be continuing with more animations for our Earth spell and Beast cards first, then moving on to animations for other elements. So with that, hopefully I’ll have some more neat things to show you guys soon!

That’s all from me this week, take care, Wolfpack!